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Extending The Opportunity - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 889 Downloads: 5 Date added: 2019/05/08 Category Literature Essay Level High school Tags: Modest Proposal Essay Did you like this example? Here in the 21st century, raising children is completely overrated. Sexism is nearly diminished, jobs are as competitive as ever, and lets get real, modern children are brats. Nevertheless, couples cannot seem to keep their hands off each other during the females six day window of fertility. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Extending The Opportunity" essay for you Create order There is never a good time to be expecting, the couple is too young, too old, not enough in love, too much in love, or for the now single mother, shes too busy, not ready, and should be totally in control of her body. However theres one big reason why its never a good time to be expecting, it is so hard to support a child. I have a solution to this problem that I think people could really get behind, especially Cecile Richards and Planned Parenthood. Now my plan is already partially in place, however extremely limited, so just know that Im proposing a minute extension of abortion where it is legal until the child turns 18. Federally abortion is legal up to 24 weeks into the pregnancy for the average pregnancy, however women carrying a rape baby or who bare the risk of death are extremely lucky because they can have the highly safe and legal medical procedure in a state of the art clinic, which has no hospital admitting privileges, pretty much up to the day the child would be born, with absolutely no possibility of complications. Extending the opportunity to kill a child until the age of 18 is highly moral and ethical because whether the child is inside or outside the womb, a large clump of cells is still a clump of cells. Plus the child is still fully dependent on their parent or guardian until the age of 18. Regardless if a child is in the womb or not parents are still required to provide nourishment and shelter. If its legal to kill the child in the womb how is that any different than outside the womb? Also the child is still developing whether they are in the womb or are under 18. Even the government doesnt find a child competent enough to be given true citizenship responsibilities until they are 18. Not only that but it would also eliminate the foster care system, in which children are often abused then thrown out into the world as an adult, completely unprepared. †¹Now obviously it would be extremely financially beneficial for parents to be able to kill their children at any point as long as they are under 18. On average it is estimated to cost $13,000 per year, per child. Imagine how much money parents could save if they just simply got rid of that middle child they never pay attention to anyway. There is another benefit for parents that can even include their employers. Many businesses offer Employee Assistance Programs to uphold the mental stability of their employees. Many parents say that supporting their children causes them great stress, and that the teenage years are the hardest. If a parent could kill their child as soon as they become too unruly, difficult, or expensive they could get rid of the problem right away, saving them and their employers money. Planned Parenthood is already working creating a business, in which they sell baby body parts to scientific research. It could be expanded to include the more developed body parts of older children. Because the organization does so much with their abortions and their contraceptives to encourage parenthood, killing an unsupportable child and then giving the body to Planned Parenthood would almost be like returning a pair of pants to Target or Walmart. Also when parents are considering the choice killing their child, they can alert the body snatchers (transplant doctors), who can then find recipients and procure some organs for transplants. It could even be an option to test the organs before hand so it would be possible for a child to make any lifestyle changes that would make an organ or two more healthy. Not only would allowing parents to kill their children up to the age of 18 provide financial security and boost the economy,but it would also greatly improve national security. An increasing majority of young people identify as pro-life. This identification has been linked to terrorism of the cruelest form. A large number of pro-lifers shot up a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado, and it is not uncommon to find them terrorizing innocent women who are entering abortion clinic by screaming You have other options! I can help you find the resources you need! or God forbid Im praying for you! And despite the thorough secularization of todays society some of these young people have become pro-life because they have found peace in cultish religions like Catholicism. Such beliefs are just proof that these young people are brainwashed. Their parents could stop this madness, kill their children, and save our country. Without them these children could be able to vote one day! †¹It is truly in the best interest of all families, businesses, this nation, and Planned Parenthood to allow parents to take honorable, courageous, and selfless action and kill their child under the 18 for whatever reason they deem necessary. This solution will solve more problems than I can list in this modest proposal. I truly hope congress is able to pass a measure as such without thoroughly reading it.

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Project Management Challenges Strategies and Project...

MBA/MIS Project Management Chapters 1 and 2 Project Management Challenges Strategies and Project Selections 1. Two new software projects are proposed to a young, start-up company. The Alpha project will cost $150,000 to develop and is expected to have annual net cash flow of $40,000. The Beta project will cost $200,000 to develop and is expected to have annual net cash flow of $50,000. The company is very concerned about their cash flow. Using the payback period, which project is better from a cash flow standpoint? Why? - The project that has a better cash flow standpoint using the payback period would be the Alpha project. According to the Payback Period, the rate of return on an investment is greater with the Alpha†¦show more content†¦In addition, United did not want their customers to wait for their luggage since several of their gates were more than a mile from the main terminal. The new system was designed was the luggage to go from the plane to the carousel within a 10 minute period. Purpose of this, is to have the luggage arrive before the passengers. (7) What appears to be the single greatest risk in the decision to build DIA? - There’s actually three main risks: cost, human resources and weather. - Cost – The grading of the terminal area was completed at about $5 million under budget and grading the first runway was completed at about $1.8 million under budget. This analyst was lead to believe that the original construction cost was accurate. - Human Resources – The economic recession was hit the hardest by Denver International Airport. At the time it had 500 estimated construction employees. In 1992, it was estimated that 6,000 construction workers would be needed. However, 3,000 were on file, but those employees were questionable if they were qualified of the position. - Bad Weather – During the Winter months, was the greatest risks for the schedule. Lucky winters of ’89-’90 and ’90 – ’91 were decent, which was work had been completed. However, the worse came in the summer of ’90 because of bad weather. (19) What was the function of the project management team (PMT) and why wereShow MoreRelatedChallenges Faced By Senior Management1559 Words   |  7 Pagesessential with a clearer focus of the future. This poses a major problem to senior management because organizations consist of a changing mix of large and small projects which brings new challenges in prioritization of projects, resource planning and monitoring (Elonen and Artto, 2003). According to Engwall and Jerbant (2003) cited in Kaizer et al., 2015, the number of available project alternatives far outnumber the projects an organization can handle at a given time with its limited resources, and makingRead MoreCase Study : High Tech And Global Engineering Group901 Words   |  4 Pagesdevelop the next generations for materials to help customers address their most difficult challenges in a demanding industry. To have profitable growth within energy and energy efficiency by utilizing competence material technology to grow prof itably in the energy sector, primarily in oil and gas. SMT uses strategy enabler that is driven by an execution engine strategy implementation and performance management system. The SMT Business System has areas of operational excellence that implement SafetyRead MoreThe High Quality Road Networks Construction1506 Words   |  7 Pagesdirectly leads to an increase in the nation s economy and its output by reducing the factors. For example, journey, time and costs. Such advantages can make the nation more economically attractive. According to Roger L. Brockenbrough(2009, p.2) Highway projects can possibly bring about huge social, environmental, and financial impacts and, as an outcome, are the subject of a broad range of environmental regulation. According to Chin, A.T.H. (2006, p.1-1), most highway programs depend on â€Å"pay-as-you go†Read MoreAn Appropriate Project Delivery System1050 Words   |  5 PagesAn appropriate project delivery method can enhance the probability of meeting project goals and objectives, significantly increasing its efficiency (Touran, et al. 2011) (Luu, Ng and Chen 2005) (Rwelamila and Meyer 1999). Gordon (Gordon 1994) states that the selection of more efficient contracting methods could reduce project cost by an average of 5%. In a survey by The Charted Institute of Building (CIOB), a whooping majority of 87% believe that proper selection of project delivery system is synonymousRead MorePortfolio Management And Strategic Management Concepts.836 Words   |  4 PagesPortfolio Management and Strategic Management Concepts Portfolio and project management are similar and sometimes thought of as being one another. Between the project and portfolio management the goals and the intended strategic action is similar. The process between the portfolio management includes and involves the resources that list a process, which includes the evaluation, selection, and prioritization. Portfolio management and strategic management assist with the organizations missions andRead MoreEstablishign a Company Pmo, Ppm Governance Structure1541 Words   |  7 PagesEstablishing a Company PMO, PPM Governance Structure Introduction A project management culture is important in today’s competitive environment. If the company is to thrive and meet future financial targets, project management principles and practices must be a part of our business management model. Every employee must understand how critical this undertaking is. Below are examples (Gary, Larson, 2008) of business environment drivers that are moving the company to create this extremelyRead MoreGenrays Task 1 F710 Words   |  3 Pagesof interview, email and newsletter; the project took another whole new life. The decision making was based largely upon the available information and initial outcomes were largely contributed to the resources mentioned earlier. The path document was found from the data and resources available in the case study. The WBS was indeed a challenge given the schedules and estimates for this project. The management of human resources especially because our project needed scheduling depending upon the developersâ₠¬â„¢Read MoreChallenges Of Implementing An Erp System1435 Words   |  6 Pages What are the challenges of implementing an ERP system? With the extraordinarily rapid growth of ERP’s implementation from the late 1990s to today, there are lots of inevitable challenges that companies may confront during ERP implementation process. 1. Decision-making challenge a. Selection challenge When a company decided to execute a managerial information system implementation project, the first question that companies will face is how to select the most suitable applications on type, sizeRead MoreRisk Mitigation Plan For The Same Project905 Words   |  4 Pagesbusiness costs. Project risk management involves two processes: evaluation of sources of risk before project commencement, managing risk during project execution. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY 1. To identify Risk sources Risk categories for a particular project of US based automobile project in Vadodara Division of LT 2. To Evaluate, Categorize Prioritize the risks based on its impact for the same project 3. To calculate risk factor/Probability of occurrence risk exposure for the same project 4. To IdentifyRead MoreCase Study 1: Prioritizing Projects at D.D. Williamson809 Words   |  4 PagesCase Study 1: Prioritizing Projects at D.D. Williamson Crystal D. Dr. Donny Bagwell Managing Human Resources Projects: HRM 517 October 27, 2013 Introduction D.D. Williamson implemented a new process for project prioritization that included focusing on the vision and impact of projects and narrowing down projects by selecting the ones of high importance and assigning them to senior management teams. I will attempt to critique that process, recommend an improvement for the process, provide

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The Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra-Free-Samples for Students

Questions: 1.What is the place of arts and culture in todays society? How does Deborah Borda address these issues through Cultural Entrepreneurship?2.How should Deborah Borda think about the balance of Audience Engagement and Community Engagement?3.What are the most appropriate Performance metrics for the LA Philharmonic Orchestra that Borda should use and why? Answers: 1 With the passages of the year, a significant change can be noticed and the tendency of the younger people with time and pace are changing (Bennett 2013). A depart can be well noticed when the young generation in todays world is changing its taste from the classical music to the modern day music which incorporates, pop, raps and other genre music. The younger generation generally visit less number of classical concerts that their generation who were interested in the classical music (Bennett 2013). Therefore, a cultural change cannot be rolled out and in order to make audiences younger is the procedures of bringing the cultural changes in the genre of the classical music. Debora Bordas career has been acknowledged by the creative way of leading, her concentration on coming up with innovative techniques and also looked forward to change the outlook of the orchestras in the era of 21st century (Bennett 2013). Deborah Borda is considered to the Chief Executive Officer of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, she was also successful in managing the biggest symphonic organization in the United States of America. In the year 2000, Borda gave new life to constructs the hall of Wall Disney Concert and worked on the scope of the presentation of the organization (Majno 2012; Bennett 2013). In the year 2009, Debora gained the attention of the world of Classical Music through the appointment of Gustavo Dudamel as the director of LA Philharmonic music. These accomplishments are linked to the prosperous business and education which Borda successfully developed after she arrive Los Angeles and has been acknowledged for orchestras restoring to an artistic health. The creativ e team of LA under Borda is being utilized through the collaboration of disciplines, continents and genres. Under Borda (Spitzer 2012; Peterson 2012). The LA continued the collaborations of the tradition of multidisciplinary field and this also incorporates the working of the video artists and also through the composition of music gives the entrance of the new ideas by waging online discussions. These are new strategies developed by Debora to advance the classical musics forum. In the year 2015, with the introduction of applications based on Orchestra VR and Van Beethoven were successfully garnered the attention of the international forum (Majno 2012; Seric et al 2012). 2.The Los Angeles was finding more ways to inculcate the new communities in the forum of Walt Disney Concert by organizing specific programs such as bringing new forms of music across the different genres having different cultural backgrounds which incorporate world, rock and jazz, new music and world music by having the intention of some of the people are attending these kind of concerts which are considered to be enough for the performance in Orchestra (Spitzer 2012; Peterson 2012). By producing a much varieties of genres of music for the variety of audiences inside the concert hall, an enhancement of the comfort in the surroundings for the audiences who are attending and these are the audiences who might go for to attend the performances in orchestra at the some point of time (Bridges and Bridges 2017). However meeting the target and retain the new audiences through the programming and festivals which also include the complexities in order to send numerous messages. Debora Borda was asked about the demographic move to the view of the retaining of the micro audiences (Hawthorne 2013). One of the greatest benefits of having Gustavo who is considered to be a great musician in the Latino Heritage and the way it links musically with the interest of the diverse communities in the place of LA. Gustavo is considered to be an eminent conductor who is indulged in commissioning new kinds of works. LA Philharmonic is being responsible for 400 decades of music; among them the majority has its root from Europe (Hawthorne 2013). Therefore in order to manage the large number of audience and communities, their taste and preferences are most importantly needs to be taken into account and the presence of good musician and director could help to manage and balance the audience taste by linking them wit h the modern diverse musical style in order to engage the community and make the audience entertain (Bridges and Bridges 2017). 3.Within 16 years, Debora Borda and her team made the LA Philharmonic from failure to success. She made the consolidation of the talent of the fine music in the room of orchestra and also Debora was successful in winning new talents and recruiting talented music directors. Dudamel had a position of celebrity that only a very few people in the world of classical music enjoyed (Chang et al 2015). Borda was quite successful in bringing a greater attention through the popular debut of the Walt Disney Concert hall which is regarded as the world class architecture. She also placed a bet which is of a longer term of the classical music through the robust program of education which is based on El Sistema (Chang et al 2015). However Debora Borda has to do many things yet. Debora needs to focus on the renewal of the base of the audience, even if she is looking forward to dilute the brand of LA Phil or even her resources of philanthropic suffers a major set back. Debora needs to decide her investment in Youth Orchestra Los Angeles and its need to expand its reach (Chang et al 2015). Borda at the same time, needs to manage with the restructuring of the subscription of the ticket sales without not disagreeing with her traditional base just to continue to engage the new audiences and a new audience demography in this orchestra when the LA Philharmonic launched the various digital innovations which would incorporate the young and new audiences also include a project as mentioned before is Orchestra VR which got awards. It is an experience which can be viewed through different headsets and this also in turn to reach the younger generation (Chang et al 2015; Peterson 2012). In this context Debora Borda has final ly thought of these types of efforts can be repeated and also an investment may occur with the less number of risks, then it becomes possible for the orchestra to find a connection with the sales of ticket. A new team of marketing moved the Los Angeles Philharmonic where the patrons can able to choose a range of concerts and also pay for it frankly for buying less than the same tickets individually. References Bennett, D.E., 2013.Understanding the classical music profession: The past, the present and strategies for the future. Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.. Bridges, W. and Bridges, S., 2017.Managing transitions: Making the most of change. Da Capo Press. Chang, W.J. and Wyszomirski, M., 2015. What is arts entrepreneurship? Tracking the development of its definition in scholarly journals.Artivate: A Journal of Entrepreneurship in the Arts,4(2), pp.11-31. Hawthorne, C., 2013. The Art of Patronage.ARCHITECT,102(4), pp.88-+. Majno, M., 2012. From the model of El Sistema in Venezuela to current applications: learning and integration through collective music education.Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences,1252(1), pp.56-64. Peterson, M., 2012.Sound, space, and the city: civic performance in downtown Los Angeles. University of Pennsylvania Press. Sertic, S., Pizzi, S., Lazzaro, F., Plevani, P. and Muzi-Falconi, M., 2012. NER and DDR: classical music with new instruments.Cell cycle,11(4), pp.668-674. Spitzer, J. ed., 2012.American orchestras in the nineteenth century. University of Chicago Press.

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Staging In Six Characters In Search Of An Author Essays

Staging in Six Characters in Search of an Author Pirandello's masterpiece, Six Characters in Search of an Author is well known for its innovative techniques of characterization, especially in the fullness of character as exhibited by the Stepdaughter and the Father, but it is especially renowned, and rightfully so, for the brilliant staging techniques employed by its author. Pirandello uses his innovative staging techniques specifically to symbolize, within the confines of the theater, the blending of the theater and real life. Chief among these, of course, is the way in which the author involves the audience in his production, to the point which, like a medieval audience, they become part of the action, and indeed, a character in its own right. The use of lines provided in the playbill was the first of its kind; never before had an author dared to ask the members of the audience to perform, even though unpaid, and indeed, paying for the experience themselves. But without those lines, how much less impressive would that moment be when the Director, understandably at the end of his rope with the greedy characters (who have been from the start trying to coerce him into writing a script for non-union wages), shouts Reality! Fantasy! Who needs this! What does this mean? and the audience, in unison, shouts back, It's us! We're here! The moment immediately after that, when the whole cast laughs directly at the audience, pointing at them in glee, is nearly unbearable for an audience, as shown by the riot after the first performance, when the audience not only ripped the seats out of the theater, but stole the popcorn. Pirandello also used a technique he inherited from the Cirque de Soleil, involving a trapeze hung from the catwalk. But though the trapeze was not in itself his own invention, its use during the intermission as a means to annoy the audience was absolutely innovative. He had gotten the idea from watching the inhabitants at the mental institution in Switzerland where his wife was recuperating from a Venetian holiday. The Swiss hospital, renowned for its experimentation, had started a program of gymnastics, meant to boost the patients' self-esteem. The Stepdaughter's foray above the audience's heads, during the intermission, is a direct reflection of that Swiss technique; no one before Pirandello had dared to use it in the theater before, but it not only symbolized neatly the problems with defining reality inherent in the text, but kept the audience from actually getting a rest during the intermission, since they couldn't tell when it started and began. Last, though still important, would be Pirandello's nod to Brecht, with his medieval circular staging. With the voices of the Actors, the Director, and the Characters coming at them from all sides, and with the members of the cast actually clambering over the audience members as if they (or indeed their seats) were not there, Pirandello masterfully tied the audience members inextricably in to the action, bringing home the meaning. For the main truth of Pirandello's play is that not only is there no difference between art and reality, there is no reality, or perhaps more specifically, no art, at all, and indeed, no members of the cast anymore than there are members of the audience. In the final analysis, the only difference between the cast members in Pirandello's play and the members of his audience is that one paid to get in and the other got hired.