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A Simple Trick for Research Papers about Francisco Goya Explained

A Simple Trick for Research Papers about Francisco Goya Explained The Principles of Research Papers about Francisco Goya That You Will be Able to Benefit From Starting Right Away Lombardo applies her understanding of sculpture and print across a wide selection of conceptual projects. As the middle of the area of art, Italy was frequented by artists from a number of nations. These paintings are extremely beautiful, and should you find The Third of May 18paintos18, you will observe the deepness of its depiction. The prints present an indictment of several facets of contemporary Spain. The obvious addition of clothing isn't the only difference between the 2 paintings. These pictures are called Fantasy and Invention today. But since I dove into my art class, I discovered that art was far more interesting than I thought. In fact, these art movements have never been explained. But it's the topmost artwork. Although, there are a number of beautiful artworks of Romanticism. Surely it's the legacy of the restorer and doesn't have anything to do with Goya. Francisco de Goya was among the rare individuals to make this happen, employed as a court painter whilst also creating emotional works of social and political protest. At precisely the same time, in addition, he produced a collection of etchings known as Los proverbios or Los disparates. Goya's war does not seem noble or heroic like most nineteenth century war depictions. There was not a good deal that Leipzig Conservatory could do in order to advance Isaac's enormous talent for a keyboard playing composer. His father was employed as a painter and master gilder. In addition, he painted several portraits of Ferdinand VII and his family members. However, because with many of Goya's prints, the intended significance of the several symbols can be difficult to deduce with certainty. Destruction may be an act of love. Nor do we know when it was initially shown to the general public. It's about loneliness and fear. And I've fallen in their trap. Irony is also expressed via the use of this light. Certain souls are somewhat more susceptible to the works of Mother Nature and prefer to ignore certain sections of the human body that ought to be hidden anyway. It is far better pick a topic in which you have your interest, and you may present new ideas by studying the appropriate literature currently offered. This is essential to academic integrity and to prevent plagiarism. This was a frequent teaching method at the moment. It's also at this time he completes the Majas desnudaandVestida. A thesis statement isn't a very long commonly no longer than 1 sentence claim that you want to present after the debut of your papers topic. But there are not many documents or records to support a lot of these ideas. Other article types won't be considered. I believe his case has many plausible possibilities. Nonetheless, in this instance, the maja is dressed. The Benefits of Research Papers about Francisco Goya But, naturally, it is not quite as it appears. The Sabbath is likewise a chance to produce the main liturgical rituals, just as to begin the Grand Rite with the essential sacrifices. This day was the start of the Spanish War of Independence. These questions are for 3 distinct classes so they should be answered separate. There are several unsolved riddles hidden within the sequence. He additionally suffered from the issue of politics within his era.

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Sociologist Research Paper Topics

Sociologist Research Paper TopicsSociologist research papers need to be innovative, insightful and fresh. Before you start your paper writing task, you need to come up with ideas that are new to the circle of your readers. The focus of this post is to discuss some sociological research paper topics that you should avoid for your research papers.Preoccupation with celebrity culture is not a good topic to use in any sociologist research paper. The pop culture within society becomes the focus of attention does not easily stay. So, if your topic revolves around the very same topic, then you will lose the reader quickly.Another reason why the topic should be not about celebrities is that it makes the research paper predictable. They say that the topic of research paper is usually predictable. This means that when you begin writing your paper, you will already know what the research questions will be and how you will answer them. Therefore, the focus of your paper will be on things that yo u already know.A sociologist research paper about any topic should be about current events. However, if you are planning to write about something that happened over a year ago, then there is no point in writing your paper because you will be unable to use it as a reference in future years. That is why it is best to stick to current events and ask yourself questions on what the news event says about society.Also, it is best to avoid the topic of the whole book by nature of the way it is written. If you want to read some sociologist research paper about an author and it talks about what a book is about, then it should be avoided. For example, a sociologist research paper on what a novel is about would never be considered valid. It would be too many years before someone reads that book and has a lucid idea about what they read.The key reason for avoiding topics that have been covered is that sociologist research paper should be on current topics. It would be like looking at a picture a nd expecting to know what it means. Rather, you should look at it as an experience rather than looking at a picture.One more thing that you can do when it comes to sociologist research paper topics is to avoid taking a certain stance on an issue. What I mean by this is that you should avoid repeating the ideas of a certain ideology or group. You should make sure that you do not overstep into that realm. Instead, you should explore your own ideas from a different angle.One of the best reasons for avoiding topics that have been covered is that sociologist research paper topics can get boring. Many times, if you are writing about a certain subject that has been covered in a previous sociologist research paper, you might feel that you are just repeating the same material. This is one reason why you should avoid writing about such topics.

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Writing the Title of a Short Story in an Essay

Writing the Title of a Short Story in an EssayWriting the title of a short story in an essay is not as difficult as it might seem. There are certain elements that you need to think about to avoid giving the essay a terrible, uninteresting title.After all, you're trying to tell your story in a way that doesn't spoil it, so the first thing you need to do is decide on the name of your story. How should your story be named? Do you have any ideas?The general rule of thumb when it comes to choosing a title for your story is if you can't think of a better one, you should stick with the story's first name. If you're thinking about getting someone else to help you write the essay, think about changing the story's name.After you've decided on a name for your story, how should you begin describing the story? If you want, you can use a short description of your story, but if you don't know what to say, then you should simply give your description the same length as the story. Give it enough info rmation so that people will know if they want to read more.If you want to add some flair to your description, then you can use some of the ideas you'll find in the original story. You can make a few additions, or just use the first paragraph of the story and create a little parallel.You also need to give some thought to how your story connects to the story you're going to tell. Think about how the story relates to the idea of the poem or essay, and then work that into your title. If you can fit two things together with just a bit of help, then why not use your story as a vehicle to reach out those goals?Your story is already there, so why not get to work on creating the sentences and paragraphs that will make it a living entity, rather than just one of many people's title for your story? You can turn your essay into a truly professional document by creating a convincing title. If you have a powerful opening paragraph and strong initial paragraphs, then you have a great opportunity t o finish your story properly.These are just a few tips on how to work with your story to come up with an interesting title for your essay. Don't let the title of your story overshadow your story, and don't go over board with the title. Give it your best shot and the rest will take care of itself.

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First Farms Corporation free essay sample

I. Point of View This group takes the point of view of Mr. Ricardo Sarmiento, Vice President for Finance of First Farms Corporation (FFC for brevity). Mr. Sarmiento will present to the Board the financial performance and financial position of the company from 1993 to 1995. In the process, he will also make recommendations as to the feasibility of the proposed expansion. II. Case Context In 1995, FFC raised P1. 1 billion from its initial public offering. P500 million of the proceeds was used as working capital (livestock inventories and raw materials), P476 million went to expansion of operations and acquisition of properties while P69 million was used to pay part of the corporation’s long term debt. In the face of tight competition, consolidated sales for the year still amounted to P5. 7 billion which is 44% higher than the previous year. P3. 508 billion or 62% of revenue was from chicken sales hence, taking over leadership in the business from Marigold Foods Inc. We will write a custom essay sample on First Farms Corporation or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Moreover, FFC has outpaced the industry growth on chicken sales volume which is largely attributed to the company’s increased contract growing base. Net income was also up 89% amounting to P280 million despite the increasing costs of production. During the year, FFC launched a new line of extruded aquaculture feeds. It also entered the fast food business thru California Chicken and Gulliver’s Chicken restaurants. Management is proposing for construction of three dressing plants and four new feed mills for the following year (1996) as they believed that sales and profits were held back in 1995 partly by constraints in production capacity. It is expected to be financed by short term notes if approved. It must be noted, that the Industry is bracing for the entry of imported frozen chicken in 1998, when trade barriers in the Philippines are lowered. III. Problem Definition Why is there a deficit amounting to P719 million in operating cash flow in 1995? Why does Return on Equity gone down? Given the financial position and performance of the company, is it feasible for FFC to construct more dressing plants and feed mills? If so, should they use short- term notes to finance the expansion? IV. Framework A breakdown of Cash Flow from Operating Activities will be used in analyzing the deficit mentioned in the previous sections. Ratio analysis (specifically the liquidity, efficiency, leverage and profitability ratios) and the Du Pont Technique will be used to assess the possible reasons for the decrease in ROE and the feasibility of expansion. V. Analysis ILLUSTRATION 1: BREAKDOWN OF CASH FLOW FROM OPERATING ACTIVITIES CASH FLOW FROM OPERATING ACTIVITIES (P’000)19941995 Net Income148,216280,256 Adjustments98,23080,668 Changes in Operating Assets and Liabilities: Trade Receivable(112,420) (180,893) Others(32,527) (212,761) Inventories(118,029) (803,317) Due from affiliated companies17,661(17,650) Deferred income tax (2,037) Prepaid Expenses(25,198) (85,602) Accounts Payable Accrued Expense26,746 163,746 Acceptances Payable109,205 (3,859) Dividends payable9,236 Income tax payable(3,428)61,956 Due to affiliated companies(2,057)10 Net Changes in Operating Assets and Liabilities(130,811)(1,080,407) Net Cash Provided by Operating Activities115,635* (719,483)* *Minor discrepancy in computations because of approximations. Illustration 1 shows that the deficit in the operating cash flow was caused by increase in all the current assets of the company and largely because of bloated inventories. Looking at year 1994, changes in inventories in 1995 was more than 6 times larger. Investment in other current assets was also noticeably augmented in 1995. From a positive P115. 6 M to a negative P719. 5 M operating cash flow, we can see how aggressive the company was in spending for current assets in general in 1995. ILLUSTRATION 2: RATIO ANALYSIS RATIOFORMULA1993199419951993-1994 Trend1994-1995 Trend LIQUIDITY Current ratioCA/CL0. 9990. 9971. 353v^ Quick Asset ratio(Cash+Trade Receivables)/CL0. 2910. 3320. 401^^ LEVERAGE Debt ratioTL/TA0. 6250. 6450. 536^v Debt- Equity ratioTL/SE1. 6841. 8511. 163^v EFFICIENCY Total Asset TurnoverSales/TA1. 7191. 9961. 458^v Receivables TurnoverSales/Trade Receivable15. 98613. 49111. 985vv Days Receivables360/ RTOR22. 52026. 68430. 038^^ Inventory TurnoverCost of Sales*/Inventories4. 5595. 1313. 482^v Days Inventory360/ITOR78. 97270. 168103. 397v^ Payable TurnoverCost of Sales*/AP**7. 8329. 8239. 880^^ Days Payable360/PTOR45. 96536. 65036. 438vv PROFITABILITY Return on EquityNI/SE0. 1370. 2140. 156^v Return on AssetsNI+[Int. Expense*(1-tax rate)]/TA0. 0880. 1100. 078^v Operating Profit MarginOperating Income/Sales0. 0790. 0890. 078^v Net Profit MarginNI/Sales0. 0300. 0370. 049^^ *Includes operating expenses **Includes accrued expenses ILLUSTRATION 3: DU PONT TECHNIQUE YearNet Income/ SalesSales/ AssetsAssets/EquityROE ProfitabilityEfficiencyLeverage 19930. 0301. 7192. 6950. 137 19940. 0371. 9962. 8670. 214 19950. 0491. 4582. 1680. 156 Based on Illustration 3, it is observed that in 1995, efficiency and leverage decreased causing the ROE to plunge to 15. % from 21%. Decrease in efficiency was mainly due to low inventory turnover and low receivable turnover (see Illustration 2) while decline in leverage may be accounted to the substantial increase in stockholders’ equity brought about by the IPO proceeds. The company’s profitability in 1994 was excellent, for this reason it was easy for FFC to raise equity in 1995. However, th e management decision to boost inventory has adversely affected its efficiency for the year. Contrary to what management believes, the sales and profits were not held back in 1995 due to production capacity. If this was the case, inventories should have a lower figure and higher inventory turnover. In fact, there was a lot of inventory that was not disposed that it held back the sales and consequently profits. Stocking up large inventories is not advisable for FFC as most are perishable and entails cost like warehouse space, feed consumption and utilities (see Table 1 of Case for Inventories details). Expansion of the contract growing base may have been too much too soon. Notice also that receivables turnover decline even more (see Illustration 2). It now takes 1 month for the company to collect from its creditors. It is alarming because though sales grew by 44% in 1995, trade receivables have increased further by 62% (see FFC’s Consolidated Balance Sheet). It seems that the company is very generous with its credit policy which affected adversely its operating cash flow. If the company continues to expand by constructing new dressing plants and feed mills, it may seriously affect the company’s efficiency and liquidity if sales remain unchanged given tight competition especially with the entry of imported frozen chicken. Net income may also be affected considerably as it brings about expenses like maintenance, employees salary etc. Should the company expand and use short- term notes to finance the expansion, it will significantly affect the cash balance even more upon payment of the debt. VI. Decision FFC was too aggressive in keeping inventories resulting to lower ROE and cash flow from operations. The management may have overlooked the abnormally high inventories and focused mainly on the remarkable performance (sales) of the company. It is recommended that the company postpone its plan to increase production capacity until inventory turnover improves. As soon as the company becomes more efficient, FFC may opt to revamp existing dressing plants and feed mills by installing a more advance technology to increase production capacity. It is also advised that long-term liabilities be used in expanding production capacity instead of short- term notes to make a leeway in building funds for payment. VII. Justifications †¢Inventory turnover and receivables turnover declined resulting to lower asset turnover. †¢It is too optimistic for the company to expect that sales will continue to increase in the next five years especially with the anticipated entry of imports. Construction of dressing plants and feed mills may increase asset but may decline further efficiency of the company if growth in sales is insignificant. †¢Using short- term notes to finance expansion may result to a negative cash flow. VIII. Implementation To initially improve inventory turnover, FFC can lower its price to get a higher market share so it can also di spose its excess inventories. The company may also give sales discounts to increase receivable turnover. Doing these may decrease profit margin but will actually have a better impact since risk of spoil of inventories and default in payments will be lessened.

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Evolution Research Paper Topics and Methods

Evolution Research Paper Topics and MethodsEvolution research paper topics and methods are important for all graduate students, whether they are doing their dissertation, are involved in a large research study, or simply are working at a laboratory. The research that is often done at universities is quite different from the type of work that you do in your field of specialty. Whether or not you have a thesis, dissertation, or professional specialization, you need to learn a few techniques that will help you get the most out of your research. Learning how to think about evolution is a vital part of your life in the sciences, especially if you want to be successful.A fundamental topic in the area of evolution research paper topics and methods is that of 'population dynamics'. If you are working with a lab that is doing independent research, you are most likely involved in fieldwork. As such, you need to know about population dynamics and its impact on evolution.Evol-evol theory states that groups are produced by gene flow, which is a process that is influenced by climate and geography. This theory also suggests that migration was important for the evolutionary process. Population dynamics will explain why there are so many species on the planet.Evol-evol theory was originally developed by Darwin, but has been a staple of evolutionary theory ever since. It helps explain how many species in the animal kingdom that can be found around the world, and their limited dispersal ability. In addition, it can explain the origins of the human species. Studies have shown that migrations, migration, and the mixing of gene pools are more effective for species to survive than travel within a single geographical area.Evol-evol theory has changed since Darwin published his book. New, more recent ideas come into play that require you to analyze data on how populations mix, and how environments affect populations. It helps to see how these factors affect the genes that determine the future of species. Some areas of this theory have been emphasized even more than others, as new information becomes available.Many biologists are turning to the concept of 'ecoevolution research' as a way to understand the relationship between evolution and the environment. Through research that goes beyond the basics of evolutionary theory, they can better understand the role of the environment on human society and how humans interact with it. Most of the people involved in ecology and evolution research are going into areas of biology and ecology that don't usually get a lot of attention in science. The idea is to see how people interact with the environment, and how that affects the species.Finally, if you are doing a dissertation, you should definitely think about evol-evol and how it relates to the theories of population dynamics and evol-evol. Your dissertation needs to show that you understand all of the fundamentals of population and evolutionary biology, and have applied t hem to your field of expertise. Doing well in your dissertation can greatly increase your chances of getting a job, securing a career path, and advancing your career.