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Diversity in the workplace Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Diversity in the oeuvre - Essay ExampleThe written report will also explore the ways that promote understanding and mutation with the trends of companies hiring minorities in the oeuvre.The issue of workplace diversity is focused on the differences and the similarities that people bring in a given face. Through definition, it entails the dimensions beyond the specified legally affirmative action of non-discrimination statues. There is an interpretation of diversity, which includes the ways in which, the influence of identities and perspectives of individuals saving their professionalism, education, influence of their geographical location and parental status in a work place. The issue of diversity includes every oneness in the work place. In various ways, its initiative complements the compliance program involving the non-discrimination. This is through the creation of an organization culture of developing different work and workplace environment. There are also practices, whic h encourage encyclopedism to establish the advantages associated with the diverse perspective (Cornell University ILR School, 2010).Benefits diversity is a welfare of both the employee and employer. Associates are intertwined in the workplace respecting individual rights and differences and can increase productivity. Diversity in the workplace can lower lawsuits and boost merchandising opportunities, recruiting and creativity and are essential to sound business image. Therefore, diversity is substantial to legitimate business success. Deborah (1999) argued that, the benefit is also complying with the law in California federal and state both mandate equal opportunity legislation, which makes discrimination illegal in the workplace. These laws specify both the right and responsibility of both employer and associate in the workplace.Growth Diversity is increasing every single day in every organization. Deborah (1999) explains that, in America, one in every four Americans belongs

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The Rise of Christianity in the Roman Empire Essay

The Rise of Christianity in the roman type Empire - Essay ExampleThe kickoff part of this mention suggests that without the historical backdrop of the Roman Empire, and without the cultural and political directives it brought to bear, the Christian religion could neer have come to be, at least not in the form that we know. The second portion of the quotation suggests that the Christian religion has preserved the memory and something of the auspices of the Great Empire, as a necessary theatrical role of cultural transmission--as a necessary if incidental consequence of preserving and furthering itself. In large measure, both assertions are true. The Roman Empire made Christianity possible, first by bringing relative order and stability to those under its governance. Without the come of the Roman city-state under a central power, it is easy to imagine small, disparate tribes of rural, agrarian folk stay close to the cycles of nature and loyal to the simple ritual observances of e meritus pagan polytheism. Next, for all its dealings with the eternal, Christianity is a religion with strong historical and political roots. The historical embeddedness of this religion is undeniable. As Harold Mattingly points out, All the great religions of the terra firma speak to the passing generations of that which is outside the time order, the Eternal, that which was in the graduation exercise, is now and ever shall be. Some of these religions--not all--are very close related to floor. Mohammed, great prophet of Islam, rose to sudden greatness at the very moment in the seventh century when the empires of Rome and Persia had fought one another to a standstill. Jesus Christ, the Eternal Word, who was in the beginning with God, was born in the Palestine of Herod the Great and, as we repeat in the Creed, suffered under Pontius Pilate. The sacred history of Mithras, on the other hand--his birth from the rock, his solemn meal with the Sun-god, his slaying of the great bull--is quite outside time. The early history of Christianity cannot be fully understood without a knowledge of the world into which it came (5). The world into which this immature reliance emerged was characterized by expanding empire, with the burdens of increasing taxation to fund the political and military machine and establish the benefits of relative peace, political unity and solidarity under the Roman Emperor. This was also a world where people maintained a smell in many gods and observed ritual sacrifices to those gods in exchange for good fortune. The statues and temples of these gods were visited and given homage by people of all stations, including the Emperor himself. Iconic images were engraved upon the coinage of the Empire, and the line between fidelity to the old gods and fidelity to the Empire of Rome was often blurred. Therefore, the emergence of an exclusive, monotheistic religion, that shunned all the vestiges of the older religions, offered a true threat to polit ical stability. The attitudes of the Roman Emperors and their officiators toward the Christians, in the first centuries of the new faith, varied from blind indifference to outright persecution, depending upon the emperor and the climate of the times. Likewise the attitudes of the Christians toward the Roman State varied, from individual to individual and from time to time, as the new religion grew. According to Grant, Within the Christian communities of the second century two different but every bit extreme minority positions were assumed. On the one hand, there were those, especially in Asia Minor, who under the influence of prophetic prophecy insisted upon an intensified expectation of the imminent end of society and the descent of the heavenly Jerusalem in Phrygia. On the other, there were those who turned their backs on the world and took the gospel to the world through the planetary spheres in a higher place and come to

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Simple 1 page journal entry on Kate Chopin Essay

Simple 1 page journal entry on Kate Chopin - Essay ExampleChopin has also shown in the novel that women of that time had strong desires of autonomy and individuality only when they were hardly able to fulfill those desires.In this short story, Chopin raised some important issues, which play their roles in the life of a woman. Some of those issues include importance of love and sex in marriage, factors of guilt and honesty, and cozy desires of women. Chopin revealed that women of that time had less freedom and they used to fulfill their desires using unconventional means.In this story, Chopin revealed that women of the late nineteenth century although had sexual desires but they used to keep their desires hidden because of the respect and esteem they had for themselves. In the affect of Chopin, lives of the women in the late 19th century were focused towards their maternal roles and they had less freedom of expressing their sexual desires.Basu, Harsha. Kate Chopins The wake Role o f Mademoiselle Reisz in Edna Pontelliers Awakening. Ezinearticles.com, 21 Jan. 2011. Web. 30 Jul. 2011.

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Market Analysis- Opening a Tapas Restaurant in Pearland Texas Research Proposal - 1

Market Analysis- Opening a Tapas restaurant in Pearland Texas - Research Proposal ExamplePearland is on its way to becoming the next major study center in the Houston region (Living in Pearland par. 1). Thus, it transpires that the city offers a highly conducive environment for launching a new restaurant, which can operate well in this region due to several(prenominal) factors.The universe growth in this town shows a high market authority of Tapas Restaurant. Pearland is near to pastime drome and therefore the restaurant can cater to tourists and business people who travel to this area. Pearland Park and restaurant is unitary of the main attractions of Pearland city. Besides, Pearland Art League can be another potential source of market for the restaurant as it invites several people round the year for many functions. These are the market potential in Pearland. The restaurant has competitors there much(prenominal) as Pear Tree, Santa Barbara Italian Restaurant and Busy Bee Caf etc.The potential target customer groups for Tapas Restaurant include the employees and visitors of Texas Medical Center, Johnson Space Centers workers, visitors to Pearland Park and Hobby Airport etc. Besides, there are several well established families living in the area. Since there are no come outlets of Tapas Restaurant in this region, Pearland City is a potential market for opening such a restaurant. This restaurants target customers are youth and upper middle class people. stone pit market identification involves the process of determining the group of potential clients from the inhabitants of a community, which may comprise several sections. Once this is done, the firm concerned has to make sure that they are in position of gratifying the desires and requirements of distributively section. Marketing aims, which add to the achievement of the general industry objectives should be recognized for all target markets. The objectives mustiness be in quantitative language, s hould indicate the target market and must also point out the period within which the goals must be

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Experience branding Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Experience branding - Essay ExampleIn this section, Bondi stick will be described. muchover, the demographical information regarding the community will likewise be described. Such information is precious to the development of the brand since the deal in the community are the primary consumers who have the easiest access to the store.Bondi articulation is peerless of the suburban areas located in the eastern section of Sydney. The said locality is found 6 km east of Sydneys central business district. The governing body in Bondi stick is the Waverley Council. The area cover by Bondi Junction is quite small at 0.8 sq. km. However, it has outgrown its size and has greatly developed.Bondi Junction is easily ready to hand(predicate) by public transport as there are several means of mass transferral that travels to and fro the said area. The Eastern Suburbs railway, part of the CityRail system, passes thru and stops at the Bondi Junction station. Above the said station is a bus ter minal wherein buses that travel to various locations are found. (Bondi Junction, 2006)Due to continuous and fast-paced developments, Bondi Junction has emerged as the fifth largest business district in Sydney. Moreover, Bondi Junction is home to several strip-mall types of developments. Also, several shop centres are located in the area. However, the most prominent of these shop centres is the Westfield Bondi Junction which is considered as one of the largest shopping malls in Sydney. (Bondi Junction, 2006) The said shopping complex is the proposed location for the jewellery store under formulation and development.The PeopleThe population in Bondi Junction as of 2001 is 6,299. The population at the said time was emergence at a rate of 2.2%. thither are more women than men that reside in Bondi Junction. harmonise to The Public Practice Pty Ltd (2001), women in Bondi Junction outnumber men by a ratio of 104 to 100. More significantly, majority of Bondi Junction residents are in thei r apex working age with 52% of the population go in the 25-54 age range. The second biggest demographic group is 55-74 age group, which makes up 14% of the population. The people in Bondi Junction are very family oriented with majority of the population living in families. Most people reside in 4 or more storey buildings. Others lived in townhouses, walk-up flats/units, or class houses. Moreover, most of these houses are private rentals. (The Public Practice Pty Ltd, 2001)The working population in Bondi Junction gain an average of $780 a week. However, the average weekly wage for men was greater than that of women. The men and women in the prime working age (25-54) had the highest weekly average at $1,090 and $890 respectively. (The Public Practice Pty Ltd, 2001)The Sydney Retail Market fit to Foster (2005), Australians have a high living standard and make beautiful houses, clothes, cars, yachts, food, wine and women. Sydney is one area which demonstrates such traits. Being one o f the foremost locations in the whole country, Sydney will, by far, best defend the culture and lifestyle of Australians.Foster stated that Australians have a unique way of life. He said, This lifestyle is shaped by its geographical remoteness and the ways by which it became a European outpost in the 18th and 19th centuries. (Foster, 2005) Basically, the culture in Sydney is an integration of the various cultures and peoples that have chosen Sydney and Australia as their home. There is much cultural diversity in

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American Labor Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

American Labor - Essay ExampleMany western and European take oriented companies started reducing their operations in their native countries thus resulting in job cuts. As this snub continues unabated, concerns of increasing unemployment figures are being expressed by analysts. Countries like US, UK and Germany are considered to be the ones from where multinational companies nourish moved their operations eastward.It is widely believed that opening of economic policies results in mutual benefits for the trading nations, but when it is felt up that jobs are being taken away from one country and handed over to an other(a) country, whence it gives rise to a peculiar social sector problem. United States of America recently saw a political campaign, during which outsourcing and increasing unemployment figures were big issues. Therefore, it becomes all the more necessary for the US government to get to the perspicaciousness of the issue and try to figure out an acceptable solution. If we take a timber at look at the figures of US concern with China during the last 10 years (during the period 1999-2008), we find that the trade deficit has indeed widened between in favor of China (US Census Bureau, 2009).It is therefore quite go along that while on the one hand the Chinese dominance is increasing by leaps and bounds in the US market, the US exports to China have not been able to match the import figures. In fact, now China has literally become a talking point at all international forum. alike some of the issues involving human rights, Tibet, Taiwan and so forth the rapid progress made by the country on the trade and industry front has provided a leading edge to China. Supplies of cheaper goods to countries around the world, hazardous paints in toys etc. are also being discussed as the shortcomings arising out of China in the recent past. While the US seems to be facing a number of problems in the form of outsourcing and job losses, China is steadily do a pro gress in its economic standards. This gives rise to questions like, is the growth of China at the cost of other nations progress Is the Chinese cheap labor stealing jobs from their US counterpartsLiberalization and the AftereffectDuring the early years of relaxation method Chinas fastest growing sectors were textiles, apparel, footwear, and toys. During the period between 1980 and 1998, this sector saw a growth of more than ten-fold from $4.3 trillion to $53.5 billion (Lardy, 2003). But in recent years China seems to have become tech misgiving as well. Now, the country is attracting the industries like consumer electronics, automobiles, computers and other information technology products from all across the world. Since the

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Literature review including a research methodology, Objectives and Dissertation

literary productions review including a seek methodology, Objectives and research. Tobic ( internationalisation) - Dissertation ExampleThe University of Bradford is one organization that seeks to go the international look as a way of expanding its market share with the added advantage of increasing its profits among other benefits. However, on that point is a high risk associated with the internationalization of organizations evident in the number of organizations that have failed in the transit. slightly of the main challenges associated with internationalization is the complexity of the sour of going international, the high costs involved and the complexity of managing internationalized entities. Objectives of the show 1. To determine how feasible it is for the University of Bradford to internationalize 2. To determine the key issues that the University of Bradford will have to deal with in its internationalization 3. To establish the best strategy that the University of Br adford can adopt to successfully go through the internationalization process Research questions In achieving the objectives of this study, a number of questions will have to be answered. The following are the research questions for this project. 1. How feasible it is for the University of Bradford to internationalize? 2. What are the key issues that the University of Bradford will have to deal with in its internationalization process? 3. What strategies can the University of Bradford adopt in its bid to go through the internationalization process? 4. ... Reasons behind the Internationalization of Organizations Most economies thrive on the notion of imports and exports. Penetration into the foreign market is one of the major reasons why firms are venturing into internalization (Taylor, Walker and Beaverstock, 2002). In the 21st century, a lot of firms and businesses have been involved in international markets. Companies have been looking for ways to maximise their productivity and pr ofitability by tapping into markets other the ones in their own home base of operations. There are different theories that have been formulated to explain the outgrowth in international activities among different firms all across the world (Gankema, Snuif and Zwart, 2000). The absolute cost advantage is an internationalization theory that propagates the idea that institutions and firms should specialize in those products in which they have a sure advantage. This theory was popularised by Adam Smith and it implies that if a company can make a product without having to spend a lot in terms of costs per production unit (Welch and Welch, 1996). This view supports the idea that companies that have a comparative advantage do not have to have an absolute advantage to prosper in a market. Companies therefore internationalize so as to gain from comparative advantage (Taylor, Walker and Beaverstock, 2002). The prospects of young markets are another major driving force for internationalizati on. Internationalization opens up many opportunities for business, big and small. Advances in technology have led to the development of production techniques which ensure that companies can mass produce (Vahlne and Nordstrom, 1993). As a result, many of these companies have ventured into the international scene in search of new markets in which to make out

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Designing a system to support the collection of environmental data in Essay

Designing a administration to support the collection of environmental data in the country of Wonderland (imaginary) - Essay Example66). However, many countries do not postulate certified records that they can rely on Wonderland is no exception. The country needs to spend a penny a centralized trunk that can be used by all its divisions.Wonderland already has leash departments that collect environmental data actively the Ministry of Defense (MoD), Ministry of the Environment (MoE), and the Ministry of Land (MoL). These ministries collect similar data independently, and have their own constitutions of managing them. It would make more sense for the government to consolidate the data into one system so that it can be shared not only between them, but also with other(a) departments both public and private.The government of Wonderland has the option of upgrading one of the existing systems to accommodate bare-assed requirements, or exploitation a new system. To do this, the gove rnment could choose to use its resources to develop the system, outsource the developers, or go for an off-the shelf system. Whichever path the government chooses to fol mortified, care must be taken to ensure that the resultant system meets all, or most, of the requirements laid down.The cheapest development method would involve the use of government resources to develop a new system from scratch. This would cut down the cost of production by eliminating expenses such as those that would be incurred in hiring development experts. It is, however, crucial to note that the government could still have to outsource some experts if it does not have experts who can handle all sections of the project.Outsourcing development firms to deliver the project is another option for Wonderland. While this could be more expensive than using local resources, it guarantees delivery of an efficient, quality system that meets most, if not all requirements. This is because computer software development firms have all the resources required to develop systems human, technical, and material. Whereas this could be expensive, it stands the best chance to provide low

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Unit 3 Assignments and Discussions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

unit 3 Assignments and Discussions - Essay ExampleOur staff documents numerous instances of neglect and emotional abuse, which we reported to a local childcare protective services agency (Feeney & Freeman 2012). Amazingly, investigation was conducted and the child allowed remaining in the uncles home. However, the location seems not to improve.The NAEYC code requires rights of the children to be respected. The individuals found to promulgate child abuse stand to be sued and imprisoned. In our case, the uncle and his girlfriend should be arrested and charged for causing emotional problem to the child.You have a child in your room that has been diagnosed as having worry deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). He sometimes scares the younger children with his boisterous and manic activity. A parent who is a kindergarten instructor notices his behavior and asks you what the problem is.The problem involves my child who has been diagnosed as having attention deficit hyperactivity diso rder (ADHD).The child scares the younger children with his boisterous and frenetic activity. In the process, a parent who is a kindergarten teacher notices his behavior and demanded to know from me (Feeney & Freeman 2012)..The NAEYC evaluation the teacher of the program to liaise with the children, as come up as the instructors of the standard paper and pencil. The test should be conducted in a manner as to nullify stressing the children. This can be attained through preparing the children psychologically and subject them to the test at a relaxed manner. In addition to that, the aide will do a lot of work and hence this can attempt commotion within the class. Essentially, the tests should be conducted within the room and cover a large number of children. at a time the children are separated, there are chances to have some of them frustrated and give inaccurate results.According to NAEYC codes, the teacher should be strict on using the English language instead of

Case study - holden australia - Marketing and Survey Research

- holden australia - Marketing and Survey Research - Case Study useative technologies to their car models or introduce a completely different intersection range so as to attract more of the Australian consumers towards their brand?Rationale The major managerial problem was rapid failures in the new product development. Holden should have tried to determine the reason behind the failures of its new product developments. The club did not aim to understand the changing needs of the consumer merchandise but focused only on profit growth which led to such an erroneous managerial decision. The new product development is a strategy that is adopted by a company when it intends to enter into new grocery with existing products. Customers right away focus on more on quality and new technology based products. The problem that resulted from the heeds decision was quitting the Australian market which somewhere was coincided with Holdens failure in the local market. The flagship product of Ho lden was Commodore whose gross sales fell level by 9%. The vehicle manufacturing company was producing those cars that were not demanded by the consumers anymore. Commodore which had move out high sales three years ago was declining on the sales growth. Though the vehicle market was booming the locally made cars by Holden was failing miserable. The traditional small cars had hit high sales in the financial year but the locally made cars by Holden had seen a slump down in sales. The company was manufacturing different kind of products without being concerned of what was actually the demand of the Australian market. then(prenominal) because of the problem faced by Holden the management decided to leave the Australian market. Holdens key goals were to be the market leader of the vehicle manufacturing industry through the range of products it offered. Its aim was to acquire more of market share than to really understand what kind of modifications its product line required so as to get the changing consumer demand. The new product development strategy is adopted to sustain

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To what extent are a company's annual report and accounts useful in Essay

To what extent be a companys annual report and accounts useful in disposition and analysing its market, productive and fin - Essay ExampleThis paper discusses the usefulness of annual reports in understanding a companys market, production and financial performances. Management perspective A company unavoid subjectnesss to reach to remain in competition within the framework of several internal and extraneous factors give care political, economical and social structures. The owners delegate most of their responsibilities to the senior management thus elevating the power of the management to decide a companys objectives and to design policies for the purpose of realisation of those objectives. It is only with the guidance obtained by studying annual reports and accounts, the management can make operational and strategic reconfigurations of resources for the purpose of consolidating the position of the company in the competitive market. The independent controlling power of the ma nagement separate from the owner ensures that the sole objective of simoleons optimization cannot be realised since the companys policies and behaviours are also controlled by various other(a) factors. Technically, profit can be maximized if the organisation can detect marginal cost, marginal revenues and production output up to a point where marginal cost of the last unit produced just equates to the marginal revenue reliable from its sale. (Haslam, et al, 2000, p.4) In fact, a set of rules and regulations of accounting helps the management to identify the production cost and sale charge of each unit to determine the companys performance in the fields of production and sales. The annual reports reflect the performance patterns of a company from one period to the other (Haslam, et al, 2000, pp.4-5). Users of accounts Annual reports and accounts can be defined as means of communication of information about the financial position and performance of an entity to kindle parties. (L aidler & Donaghy, 1998, p.1) In any company, every year balance sheet and profit and loss account are published in a document form along with other financial statements, together know as annual reports and accounts. These accounts are useful for both internal personnel like directors and managers, and also external people like investors, creditors, customers etc. Investors are those people who invest their money by purchasing shares of a company thereby taking risks in the hope of getting dividends in due time. For this purpose they need to know the management efficiency of the company in order to determine whether their investments volition be profitable. Employees and occupation unions study the annual reports to become aware of the financial stability of their company to decide whether they will be continued to be employed at appropriate levels of remuneration. The annual reports are also important for the lenders like banks and individuals who lend money to a company. They nee d to be aware whether the company will be able to repay their money together with their interest in due time. Similarly, for creditors and suppliers, the annual reports give them the information whether they will be getting their payment at the right time. Then there are customers like other organisations who purchase goods from the company they need to know the financial stability of the company to remain satisfied that goods and work will be

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Biofuels Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Biofuels - Essay ExampleThis paper examines cons associated with biofuel production as well as their getting even views. Advantages of biofuels As earlier noted, biofuel is produced from rude work outs, especially corn. This means biofuel has generated a market that competes with the food market for crop harvest. Recent studies aim shown that the increase dependence on this type of fuel has led to a bound in the demand for food crops in the energy market. Farmers are motivated to channel their crops there repayable to high market prices for their produce. This has in turn has led to a decrease in supply of agricultural products in the food market. In effect, low supply of food commodities in the food market has translated to increased global food prices (Bruce et al, 2010). According to FAPRI (2009), biofuel production has also encouraged farmers to limit their production of other crops and focus on on corn. This has led to the reduction in the supply of other types of crops h ence an increase in their prices. extensive corn production has also encouraged extensive land use and potential encroachment into demented habitats, forests, and swampy areas. This threatens the potential of the land to sustain future generations, especially encroachment to wetlands. Bruce et al (2010) states that during biofuel production, a clustering of energy is used making the project uneconomical. In some cases, the energy used is more than what is produced. For others standardised ethanol, 1 unit of energy produces 1.5 units of ethanol. It should also be noted that biofuel are produced from biomass. This is renewable and degradable hence it allow for have cumulative long-term negative effects on the future generations. A study on biodiesel utilization has revealed that there is an increase in NOx in biodiesel emissions. This means, it has not served to mitigate the effects of fogy fuels upon the environment. Counter views Concerning the contribution of biofuel to increa sed global food prices, biofuel cannot be totally be blamed for it. This is because such a project can only be undertaken by a country after a thorough assessment of its ability to feed its people and the availability of excess for biofuel production. Currently, there are replete farms to grow crops that support this project. Countries which produce biofuel like the US and Brazil have significantly increased their corn, sugar cane and vegetable oil production. Farmers plant this crops knowing they are meant for two markets. In some cases, they even have a surplus of these commodities at the end of the year. According to Colitt (2008), improved economic condition leading to cleanse feeding can be blamed for the rise in food prices. Though it may be said that biofuel production is uneconomical due to its input verses output, the situation has changed over the past couple of years. in that respect have been significant improvements in technology

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The Hunger Problem and Its Causes Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The hunger Problem and Its Causes - Assignment ExampleFrom the report it is clear that the first chapter of the book is titled Nutritional Problems. In this chapter, the author explores the issue of the affixd number of people in the world who are living in hunger and who are undernourished. The author takes into consideration the accredited statistics from Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). These statistics indicate that the current population of undernourished people to be above one billion people in the world, an increase of more than 100 million in just one year. Kent uses this introductory chapter to provide a lustrous picture of the hunger and solid food insecurity situation in the world. He expresses concerns that the United Nations Millennium phylogenesis Goal of halving the number of people suffering from hunger by 2015 might not become a reality.This study highlights that the second chapter of the book is titled Widening Gaps. Kent in this chapter explores the ba sic cause of hunger and food insecurity. This baseline cause is the ever-widening gap between the poor and the rich. He starts to review this from a basic train of the economically different households who he expresses that they will have differing access to foods. This is significantly represented in the interior(a) and global perspective. From his representation, the widening gap economic ability gap between developed and underdeveloped countries is straightway causing problems in the access of nutrition to many of the people in the developing and undevel0oped countries.

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RED BULL COLA CASE STUDY Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

RED BULL COLA CASE STUDY - Essay ExampleThe fast changing socio-economic paradigms and advancing technology has tremendously changed the dynamics of market strategies. In the contemporary times, the customer has become frequently more informed and technology has provided him with more options inwardly the similar product lines, but produced by distinguishable companies. UK market is one such market where the companies face cut throat competition. In such a highly competitive environment, expiration Bull needs to base the market segmentation according to psycho-demographic class so as to maximise the initial impact and create a creditable position within the UK market.Psycho-demographic is chosen as the focus area primarily because of the fact that the competition within the industry demands a creation of a niche market for personnel casualty Bull cola to become a success. Red Bull cola faces stiff competition from the already established brands like Pepsi and Cola Cola. Psycho graphic or modus vivendi pattern categorises the market according to which people exhibit a well defined way of living, maintaining a set of standard and displaying a typical purchasing behaviour. Since Red Bull has already a dominating market position in the energy drinks, launching of its Cola version would become easier within this specific market segment as it has many differentiating elements in its cola product which can be advantageously promoted within this group.Provide better tool to develop strategies and make significant inroad into the UK market for non alcoholic Red Bull Cola. Of the various demographic characteristics, the most useful would be the income and age-wise identification of the group that could be targeted finished intense media blitz and other market techniques to attract them and make them a committed user and purchaser. The mixed segmentation is hugely popular in the contemporary times and gives a big

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Marketing Events Plan for Ocean Spray Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

selling Events Plan for oceanic Spray - leaven ExampleHowever, it will take the management team various processes to come up with an effective merchandising event strategy. From grocery and situational analysis, to planning, execution and even up to event evaluation, the merchandiseing communications team has to cede attention to every detail, be conscious of market and competitor trends to be able to position the change category accordingly. Taste of Christmas in one of the channels that management is tapping to assist them into achieving their business and corporate objectives. oceanic Sprays participation in this popular event is seen as a milestone and a major stepping stone towards further market advantage. II. INTRODUCTION nautical Sprays monumental re-launch of its cranberry act line is all(prenominal) set to happen this December. Having completed its Product Development in the third the skinny of this year, and its complete production this November, the company i s ready to introduce to the market its improved product line the all new Wholeberry and Smooth Cranberry Sauce in the new Orbit Easy open lid. Part of its Marketing Communications Plan is a massive and country wide re launch implementation that will encompass both above the line and below the line marketing efforts. Kicking off with the tri-media ad placements simultaneously released in December 1, the Marketing Communications team will stage a series of exhibits and events sponsorships the whole of December, in time for the holidays. The aim is to sustain the tri media ad placements and continue building up market interest in this product innovation. The biggest anticipated event is maritime Sprays participation in the Taste of Christmas London Exhibition, an yearly event showcasing the citys best culinary offerings. With the target market captured in a perfect setting, where food sampling often leads to repeat product purchase and loyalty, Ocean Sprays management is optimistic on catching up on their year-end targets during and after(prenominal) this three-day event. This Marketing and Events plan seeks to outline the companys event objectives by providing an analysis of the previous marketing and sales for this particular product line. It further aims to illustrate the execution plan through a news of the processes entailed to possibly reach the given objectives. III. ANALYSIS The plan to participate in the citys biggest annual food festival is in synchrony with the companys 5-year marketing and business objectives, which is to push Ocean Sprays Wholeberry and Smooth Cranberry Sauce as the leading product in the UK under its category. The Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce was introduced in the UK in the 70s and has since become a popular brand, often associated with roast Turkey. The company welcomed the 90s with the vision of further market international expansion, therefore exerting more marketing efforts overseas, including the UK (Ocean Spray 2011). For over a decade now, it has become the leading cranberry sauce brand, ahead of the locally produced Schwartz Cranberry Sauce (Schwartz 2011) and other imported cranberry sauce brands, Canadas Port Cranberry and Australias Woods Cranberry Sauce. Distributed by Ocean Spray International work (UK) Ltd., it estimates annual sales of $ 3,199, 473 (Ocean Spray International Services UK Ltd 2011). However, in 2010, there was a noteworthy radioactive decay in company sales in the UK,

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Use of financial ratios in evaluating companies Essay Example for Free

Use of pecuniary ratios in evaluating companies EssayUse of fiscal ratios in evaluating companiesIntroduction monetary ratios be the indicators used by financial analyst to determine the general military capability of a trustworthy organization. They are also known as economic ratios, are obtained in financial statements, and are relative to figures of two distinct periods. These ratios equalise the solicitude organizations are taking inwardly a specified period. They will in that respectfore show the strengths and weaknesses in the firms in relation to others or a comparison between two timelines. These ratios are important to the shareholders as they are able to know the heed a phoner is going by the shift in its share. In addition, the managers depend on them to know where they are leading the organizations. Some of the main financial statements where these ratios are gotten fro take on the balance sheet and the statement of cash flows. Easy Jet Company is on e of the companies that maintains its financial ratios and has bene assureed a lot. Although these ratios have many useful benefits in evaluating the performance and management of companies, they also have many limitations. Aspects of financial ratios that can be used include the liquidity ratio, which is the ability of an organization to pay the expenditures that are for a short period. Profitability ratios show the tally of dollars earned per sale of one item. Others include activity ratio, which indicates whether the alliance is capable of managing its total assets. The financial leverage ratio on the other hand shows the ability of the company meeting long term goals while shareholder ratio relates to amount of shares as per the memory. Finally, the return on investment ratio relates the amount of profit as per the assets used. Easy Jet Company uses these ratios and has benefits and limitations as discussed below. Financial ratios have an advantage in comparing diff erent companies in the merchandise. They enable the companies to be kept together non keeping into consideration such factors as capital amount, amount of gross revenue and the securities industry control. This is because the ratios do not depend much on the amount of starting but the rate of change of that amount in relation to other companies or time (Troy, 2008). They will tell the ability of a certain business to be able to pay its expenditure and probability of making a profit. Companies may, for example, boast of a high level of capital compared with other small ones, but when analysis is done from a purview of rate of stock turnover. This may prove the smaller company is efficiently run. They therefore help in the comparison and the managers will be able to collect any problem that may be there and compete favorably. They also help in analyzing a certain line of industries and upcoming new companies to imagine the industries they want to venture in. The ratios wil l help also to show fast growing industries and advise young entrepreneurs accordingly. Small companies will also be able to gauge themselves on their relevance in the market due to their contribution compared to the big ones. According to Weygandt (1996), financial ratios also enable the shareholders and analysts to analyze stock valuation. Investors in this area will be able to gauge on the company worth investing in and those to avoid completely. This knowledge helps investors in investing their money where there is a likelihood of making a profit. The ratios will help the companies in performance and planning. To attract lenders and investors, companies may prepare a detailed sketch and impel them with the capability of the company. Managers are also motivated to work hard since the ratios will be seen by many and would expose their weaknesses. On the other hand, the ratios have limitations. Many companies deal with different products in the market and comparing them dire ctly may not be an effective way of showing the success or failure of a business. Some companies enjoy low number of days at the rate of stock turnover due to a certain season. Comparing its ratios with off-season will definitely show a disconfirming trend, which should not show someone being responsible for it. Comparing it with others during the high season will convince shareholders that the company is making progress only to realize it was due to seasonal product. Using financial ratios to compare companies leads to misleading information to the managers and the investors. Due to the use of different environmental, cultural and structure of the market, financial ratios are not a good bank note of success or failure of a company. The ratios are affected by the level of swelling. Comparing a companys financial ratio of a year without inflation with another year with high levels of inflation will not give a good result. The sales will be high, but the level of profit decrea ses, showing a negative trend which differently is not the case. This may cause loss of jobs and investors. The company may at last collapse not because of poor management but the financial ratios. There may also be a incident where the ratios used are a mixture of bad and good ones making it difficult to know the position of the company. Some companies operate departments in different industries. It therefore becomes difficult to come up with average ratios to measure the performance of the company. If these ratios are used well the results are insightful, but dangerous where when used mechanically. According to Ablin, et al (2013), Easy Jets payments to the employees increase from 476m in 2012 to 517m in the year 2013. This indicates an increase of 8% an recital that the companys return on investment ratio has improved. This is marked by an increase from 317m to 478m a 51% increase in the total profit before tax which indicates separate strategies have been used. This inc ludes the increase in the rate of income per seat, offset by the use of forward bookings and the purchase of extra A320 aircraft. Earnings per share increased 2013 as compared to 2012 with earnings per share increase from 62.5 to 101.3 for basic and 61.7 to 100.0 for diluted increasing the shareholder ratio. The executive directors are employed and paid directly by the Easy jet flight path companys revenue. Return on capital increased with the onset of 2013 from 2012. The rate changed from 11.3% to 17.4% indicating growth in the company. This is attributed to increase in the number of leased aircrafts from 26% in 2012 to 33% in 2013 (Easy Jet, 2013). On whitethorn 2013, Easy jet entered into an agreement with Flybe for the exchange of some flying right in the airport of Gatwick. The shareholders O.K. the deal and on August the same year, $7 zillion was paid. This made the operations of the company effective, resulting in the increase in the return on capital. This is furthe r explained by the shareholders decision to enter into a compact with Airbus in July 2013. In Easy Jet Switzerland S.A, the company has 49% shares and plans to own the remaining 51% by 2022. Upgrading by the companys management from a 156 seater A319 aircraft to A320 results to a saving in the cost of a seat by between 8% and 7%. There is also another cause of increased savings in the development and movement from 180 seat A320 to 180 new generation modern aircraft. This cause further 4% to 5% savings per seat. This has made the company to continue offering go to the ever-increasing number of customers as the company. There has also been the development where the company has changed in reducing its cash on deposit. This has increased the amount of cash that the company holds in liquid following the release of the 130 million previously held.Conclusion Financial ratios play an important role in determining the direction a company is taking. Like a driver who drives a veh icle, managers depend mostly on these ratios to determine the direction as drivers are heading the company. The companies are able to compare their performance in the market with others politeness of these ratios. The ratios also have a role in enabling the investors and shareholders determine on which company is fit for them to invest. Similarly, they have drawbacks in that they do not reflect the true picture of a companys position when there is inflation in the country in addition to company that deals with many departments within different lines of production. Easy Jet Company has successfully used these ratios effectively and has developed to be an comminuted company competing effectively with others. It is therefore a successful company.ReferenceAblin et al (2013). Easy jet plc (1st ed.). Switzerland green Communications.Troy, L. (2008). Almanac of business and industrial financial ratios.Chicago, IL CCH.Weygandt, J. J., Kieso, D. E., Kell, W. G. (1996). Accounting Principle s (4th ed.). New YorkEasy Jet. (2013). easyJet plc Annual line and accounts. Easy Jet plcSource document

Classroom Management Observation Essay Example for Free

Classroom Management Observation EssayDid you view the elementary or subaltern video? * Elementary 1. Observation and Description A. Describe the observed shoalroom routines.The class starts with the kidskinren removing materials from their desk to puff organise. Having the children hold completely materials from their desk to organize them according to size teaches the children to necessitate respect for their property and other(a)s. Next, the children go on a classroom tour. She besides discusses the procedure for sign word of honors in and out of the classroom library. Next, she describes the procedures for if school-age childs want to borrow materials score the instructors desk. The students must always ask. Then, the children go over the schedule, so they know, what to stock passim the trail daylight. After that, the children crack the importance of attending school on a daily basis. Next, the instructor has the students variant up. The first time stu dents are required to line up the instructor explains the procedure and the reason.Then the teacher discusses signing in and out procedures for going to the take outice, the restroom, and the nurse plaza. The students must sign out, print their name on the appropriate line, and circle the place they are going, then put the time, and take a pass. The students learn that they stir more license in the third grade than second, because they no longer ready to ask to get water at the water fountain and sharpen pencils, as long as there is no one else at the water fountain, or the pencil sharpener. Fin exclusivelyy, the students learn the procedures for getting crayons and other materials. The same rules carry out as long as no one is at the crayon or material beam the students can go ahead and get crayons. The students must charm a basket, grab a fistful of crayons for the basket, and go lightly clog to their seats. This testament decrease classroom interruptions and will gai n a spirit of trust between the students and the teacher. B. Describe the implementation methods of routines in the observed classroom.The teacher implements the methods of routines as she would any other subject. For example, if the teacher were teaching math, she would describe it, explain it, and then have the children practice it. In the video, the teacher exposit to the students how they would line up, then she explained why they would line up that way, and then she let the children practice. 2. Analysis, Exploration and Reasoning A. cry students level of engagement with the observed classroom routines.The students level of engagement is high the children are enthusiastic close to learning what the teacher expects of them. Later in the school year, I predict that the student will have the same level of engagement as from the first day of school. The children will know what the teacher expect of them, regarding routines and procedures. The routines and procedures will become more of a habit. B. Analyze a possible suggest for the observed classroom routine.The purpose for the children removing only items from their desk and organizing them according to size is so that the children will know where all obliges and materials are at all times. This will decrease the amount of classroom disruptions, because the children will non have to go back and forth to their book bags and other athletic fields of the classroom to get materials. The materials are in an organized neighborhood in the desk. 3. Connections to other teaching practices A. Explain the purpose of the observed classroom routines as they relate to the learning purlieu.The purpose of having the children take a classroom tour is to familiarize themselves with centers and materials so the children will know exactly where to go when they need certain things, which will cause less classroom disruptions. The observed routines relates to an improved learning environment for the classroomThe purpo se for removing materials from their desk to get organized is to teach students to have respect for their property, themselves, and others.Having respect for their property and others improves the learning environment because each student will strive to act in a respectable manner by having respect for themselves and their surroundings, which in turn, will decrease the amount of classroom disruptions. Next, the children go on a classroom tour. She also discusses the procedure for signing books in and out of the classroom library. Having the students sign books in and out of the classroom library teaches students the importance of returning items back to their correct placement, which relates to improving the learning environment because keeping items neat, organized in their correct placement is essential for a learning environment to thrive. Next, she describes the procedures for if students want to borrow materials off the teachers desk. The students must always ask. This teaches the student to never take anything without asking and again to have respect for their property and others, which in turn improves the learning environment, if everyone ask out front taking something of someone else.Next, the teacher has the students line up. The first time students are required to line up the teacher explains the procedure and the reason. The teacher has the student to quie line up quietly, by size to see and account for all students as the students go through the hall. This improves the learning environment because the teacher is responsible for the whereabouts of all students so seeing each child is important to have a successful learning environment. The students must repose quiet as they notch through the hall so they will not disturb other students. Then the teacher discusses signing in and out procedures for going to the office, the restroom, and the nurse station. Having the students sign in and out teaches how important it is to let the teacher know thei r whereabouts.This also teaches responsibility. It is crucial for the teacher to know the whereabouts of all students in their class at all times, having the students sign in and out keeps track of all whereabouts and the time, which improves the learning environment. The students learn that they have more freedom in the third grade than second, because they no longer have to ask to get water at the water fountain and sharpen pencils, as long as there is no one else at the water fountain, or the pencil sharpener. This creates a sense of trust between the students and the teacher, which improves behavior because the students will not want to a deale the trust.Gaining trust improves behaviors, and good behaviors improve the learning environment and give students an abundance of opportunities to learn. Finally, the students learn the procedures for getting crayons and other materials. The same rules apply as long as no one is at the crayon or material station the students can go ahead and get crayons. The students must grab a basket, grab a handful of crayons for the basket, and go quietly back to their seats. This will decrease classroom interruptions and will gain a sense of trust between the students and the teacher, which improves the learning environment.Students transitions many times throughout out the day, from entering school, to going to breakfast, to leaving the lunchroom, to entering class. Transitions between activities can be challenging and stressful for students, but with organization and key expectations, teachers will eliminate a lot of chaos during these transitions.K8 Situations1. Beginning of the day Class is startingA. enter classroom, the children will notice seatB. empty book bag, organize deskC. hangs up book bag, sit quietly wait for instructions to arrest tasks2. End of the day Going inhabitancyA. get book bag off hanger place books needed for homework in book bag B. clean up desk and area around deskC. Sit and remain quietly until the teacher calls your way of transportation3. Transition between activities Moving to centersA. At the signal (dims the lights) the students to end activity students begin putting materials away for the current assignment. B. Students clean up and take out materials from following assignment C. when the teacher turns back on the light, students must be in their seat quietly ready to begin next activity.4. Distribution of materials Getting crayons off shelfA. riles sure no one is at crayon stationB. WALK over to the crayon station, grab a basket, and take a handful of crayonsC. return quietly to your desk5. Field trip unloading the busA. get off the bus on the field trip, make sure you are with your partnerB. listens to ALL directionsC. stay in designated groups6. Recess Going to the gymA. song up quietly for recessB. Walk quietly down the hall to gym or designated area for the dayC. Listen for directions for activities for the day7. Fire or disaster drills exiting the building i n the event of rearA. When the alarm sounds, the students will quickly line up in front of the doorB. Listen for the teacher to call your rowC. Walk quickly and quietly a line, listen for directions from your teacherWhat teachers do at the beginning of the school year to organize their rooms and establish a management system influences what happens throughout the rest of the year. Routines are the stamina of daily classroom life. The routines above are vital in golf club for your class to run smoothly. In the beginning of the day, when class is starting it is important for the children to enter class find their seat, empty book bags and organize their desk quietly so that the teacher can take attendance and put down how many children attended the class that day. At the end of the day, when the children are going home, it is important for the students to get book bag off hanger place books needed for homework in book bag, clean up desk and area around desk, sit, and remain quietly until the teacher calls your way of transportation. This is important so that all students to get home safely on the appropriate way of transportation.When transitioning between activities such as moving to centers, it is appropriate for student to end the current activity quickly to get started with the next. Time management is important throughout the school day since all activities are time-sensitive. When a student needs, materials such as crayons it is appropriate for the students to wait until the teacher call their row before proceeding to the material station. If a student needs crayons individually, then its important that the student make sure there is no one else at the station before he or she proceeds to get crayons. By waiting for the teacher to call your row or by making sure no one else is at the crayon station this will watch the ease of all students getting material because this routine controls traffic flow in the classroom and will decrease classroom disruption .When the children go on a field trip and have to unload the bus it is appropriate for the students to follow all the routines so that the teacher and parent helpers can make sure all students are accounted for and no one is lost. When the children have recess and go to the gym it is appropriate that all students remain quietly and walk in a straight line so hallway traffic is controlled. The children should also remain quiet so they do not disturb other classrooms. Finally, in the event of a fire, it is appropriate that when the alarm sounds, the students will quickly line up in front of the door, listen for the teacher to call your row, walk quickly and quietly a line, listen for directions from your teacher. This will ensure the safety of all teachers and students.

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Aristotelian ethics Essay Example for Free

peripatetic ethics EssayAristotelian ethics is center on the search for felicity by dint of uprightness. Happiness functions as the chief and final end of opus while virtue is a mediated maintain in among the inconclusive tendencies of man. The Aristotelian ethical system is primarily focused on the nonion of virtue and value of the golden mean which focuses on practicality as a method acting of achieving gratification in opposition to self-realization.According to Aristotle, ethical intimacy is non precise comp ared to the study of mathematics or the sciences, yet a practical discipline that in order to be dangerous or virtuous is not to quantify it as a study but to actually view n waste ripe(p) or virtuous. In the Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotles work breaks away from the reason-centered philosophies of his predecessors namely Plato and Aristotle concerning the reason-based pursuit of the highest form of beloved through an empirical and a goal-centered appro ach.The growth of the good is the foundation of Aristotelian ethical principles ethics during the scene of classical Greek philosophy is primarily concerned on living the good life through the orderration of actions. This notion of good however is different from the hedonistic perspectives concerning the rapture. Hedonism centers its beliefs on pleasure as the adjudicate or final end of man while Aristotles ethics are primarily say to the practice and experience of life through virtue and mediation.He argues that the rational and preposterous tendencies of the reason much(prenominal) as aspirations, desires, wants, and needs, have an ultimate end. Happiness is the final end of such tendencies however, the process in which blessedness may be achieved may go against the dictates of the soul because of subjectivity. Contrary to Platos self-existing good, happiness is practical quite than an sublime it can be achieve in the sense that an person essential experience it. T he highest form of good must be desirable in itself and not to function to some other self-serving purpose.For Aristotle, happiness is found in the everyday experiences of life and work that is funny to rationalistic human beings soul. The individuals purpose is to act upon what is inherently human, that is, to attain happiness through experience. The fulfillment of such end leads to the distinguish of eudaimonia, literally meaning happiness. Eudaimonia is a state of state of mind rather than an interpretative or emotive dread of happiness per se. In order to achieve such, Aristotle first defines the distinct images of the human soul, the notion of virtue and its function as part of experience.Happiness is subjective to the individual since in that respect are many forms and concepts wherein happiness can be interpreted pleasure leads to a state of temporal and personal happiness but does not eternally reside on the individual. The multitude of perspectives concerning the att ainment of a universal proposition idea of happiness is a dilemma since experience provides a subjective interpretation of a phenomenon, there may be no existing universal idea. As narrated in the Ethics And so the man who has been educated in a subject is a good judge of that subject, and the man who has received an well-rounded education is a good judge in general.Hence a young man is not a proper hearer of lectures on political science for he is inexperienced in the actions that evanesce in life (Aristotle 3). For Aristotle, experience and practicality are the foundations of ethical belief. In contrast with his predecessors mode of ethical discipline, Aristotle argues that ethics cannot be derived from an abstract notion such as Platos Theory of Forms where the self-existing good remains self-evident and unchangeable. This reason-based or rationalistic approach is refuted with Aristotles empirical standpoint.Experience, according to Aristotle, is a unique human condition and i ts uniqueness provides the basis for the formation of a practical ethical system of belief. In order to check the concept of virtue, Aristotle first divides the parts of the human soul into two parts, the rational and irrational soul which is further subdivided into three categories, namely the vegetative, appetitive, and calculative value. The irrational part of the human person is think to the animalistic soul or instinct (nutritive value), while the rational soul is the distinguishing factor against thin born(p) tendencies.Thus, rational nature of the soul is the definition of the human persona humans has the ability to reason (calculative/appetitive) and inflict control on irrational tendencies. The normative control over irrational desires is also a part of Aristotles biological differentiation between man and animal. Animals rely on instinct or desire which is irrational, to maintain their survival. The control of the irrational nature (appetitive) leads to the formation of moral virtue while the perfection of the pure rationalistic soul which provides intellect and reason (calculative) is known as an intellectual virtue.Thus, moral virtue fall under the middle ground between the intellect, which regulates it, and the passions, which virtue attempts to control. fair play is defined as a state of character concerned with choice, lying in a mean, i. e. the mean relative to us, this being determined by a rational principle, and by that principle by which the man of practical wisdom would determine it (Aristotle 35). Virtue, in accordance with experience, is based from practical knowledge. Contradicting the notion of the self-existing good, practical knowledge replaces the notion of self-existing truths.The Platonic notion of understanding these truths is through self-recognition of ignorance as an obstacle of intellectual illumination. In contrast, the practicality of experience acts as the foundation of virtue that is erudite through the uniqueness of human experience. Experience is then essential in acquiring these virtues rather than hump the presence of such through the affirmation of doubt. Platos theory as exemplified in the Allegory of the weaken calls for the self-affirmation of I know nothing in order to determine the absolute or ideal knowledge that exists in the realm of the forms.Aristotle deviates from this rationalistic approach as he emphasizes on practicality in determining truths. Further, Aristotle explains since things that are found in the soul are of three kinds passions, faculties, states of character, virtue must be unrivalled of these (Aristotle 43) The soul as expressed in its dualistic rational and irrational parts, contain passions, faculties, and other states of character. The passions consist of the unrestrained either accompanied by pleasure or pain (e. g. joy, sorrow). The faculties of the soul is the capability of these emotions (e.g. being happy, joyful, and so on ), while the states of c haracter is the middle ground in-between the emotional opposites (e. g. consumed or weakened by anger). Virtue is then a mediation of the passions which acts upon the faculties of the soul and leads to the essence on the states of character. One of the important notions in Aristotelian ethics is the notion of the Golden Mean. The golden mean separates human action (e. g. passions) into virtue and vice. The mean, in scope with experience, provides the avenue of practicing virtue in the process of attaining happiness.Virtues are either at mean or in opposition (virtue and vice). Vices are further categorized either in its extreme or deficient sense while moral virtue functions as the regulating principle situates action in moderation. For example, the virtue of substitute is the mean between the vice of deficiency (shamelessness) and extreme (bashfulness). The virtue of courage is the middle ground between rashness and cowardice. The concept of the golden mean is dictated by the fun ctions of rationality wherein behavior is formed through experience.It however cannot be quantified through a mathematical or logical proposition meaning to eat 100 times in excess means it cannot be justified by starving oneself in 50. This ethical system is solely dependent on the conception of rationality on the part of the individual in relation to the uniqueness of experience. The value of virtue is the understanding of mediation in action rather than performing in excess or deficiency. To understand the middle ground of opposite actions leads to intellectual quietness or realization that to be in excess and deficient leads either through temporary happiness (pleasure) or the lack of it (pain).In addition, the task of finding the middle ground in vices is a awkward task. According to Aristotle Hence also it is no behind task to be good. For in everything it is no easy task to find the middle, e. g. to find the middle of a circle is not for everyone but for him who knows so, too, any one can get angry that is easy or give or spend money but to do this to the right person, to the right extent, at the right time with the right motive, and in the right way, that is not for everyone, nor it is easy. (Aristotle 49)To soft determine the middle ground of vices cannot be applied for the totality of every individual since the irrational soul still acts upon its instinctive nature. In relation to the Platonic challenged posed by the Theory of Forms, the attainment of the good is solely dependent on the individual to countermand the irrational passions in order to airt the soul and purpose in attaining its final end. Platos challenge is focused on the breakaway from ignorance to understand the ideal world in which the world of illusions is based from.Aristotle on the other hand, focuses on the importance of experience and practical knowledge to know happiness means we have to experience happiness. Aristotles happiness is attained through the practice of virtue a nd the regulation of the golden mean. However, Aristotle argues So much, then, is plain that the intermediate state is in all things to be praised, but that we must incline sometimes towards the excess, sometimes towards the deficiency, for so shall we most easily hit the mean and what is right (Aristotle 50).In order to understand the mean, Aristotle again notes the importance of experience. The individual must therefore experience the extreme opposites of the passions (vice) in order to determine the golden mean. For example, one cannot know the virtue of courage if one does not become a coward (deficient) or be rash (excess) in actions. It is only after experience teaches the individual the value of virtue and virtue in turn, leads to the attainment of eudaimonia in which happiness is eternal.ReferenceAristotle. Nicomachean Ethics (M. Ostwald, Trans. ) New York Collier Macmillan. 1962

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Growth Mindset Essay Example for Free

Growth Mindset EssayAsking in effect(p) QuestionsProblem Solving Approach in mathematics classroom because it engages student in inquiry, prompting them to build on and improve their current noesis as they construct explanations and help them solve tasks at hand. In a Constructivist classroom students argon thrown as the ones who ar actively creating their own friendship. This is done with inquisitive to hI study respect, motivation, encouragement, ending, to have confidence in your students.8 Tips for utile Questioning1. Anticipate Student Thinking (plan the doable questions to stimulate mentation and deepen student understand2. Link to Learning Goals3. Pose open stop questions 0 help build students self-confidence, help them respond at their own stage of development and abandon for differentiationInvitational stems that use plural forms and exploratory language invite reflection. Huinker and Freckman (2004, p. 256) suggest the following examples As you think about Given what you know about In regard to the decisions you made From previous sour with students When you think about..As you consider In what ways In your training Take a minute.4. Pose Questions that very need to be answered5. Incorporate verbs that brace higher levels of Blooms Taxonomy Verbs such as connect, elaborate, prise and justify prompt students to communi- cate their thinking and understanding, to deepen their understanding and to extend their study. Huinker and Freckman (2004, p. 256) proffer a list of verbs that elicit specific cognitive processes to engage thinking observe notice remember contrast interpretvalue summarize visualize (see) differ distinguishdecide identify compare predict developconclude infer relate consider describe6. Pose Questions that Open up conversations to include others.7. retain Questions Neutral8. Provide Wait Time (use strategies such as turn and talk, think-pair-share and round robin to wee-wee students time to articulate and clari fy their thinkingMs battle of Hastings does use different Instructional Strategies. She builds ironlike familys with her students, set high expectations for performance and has a good understanding of their needs to reach success in her classroom.Ms Hastings first has a strong stamp in the Growth Mindset by move high expectations and showing student they prat learn as opposed to the belief of every you are good at math or not. Teacher shows students how they can succeed and obtain finished application and experience. Their words and actions make it clear that the past does not dictate the future. If a teacher promotes the growth mind-set, they can focus students on self-development, self-motivation and responsibility and help them develop the intellectual determination to continue to improve. She clearly sets objectives and provides feedback to her students to help them progress. By reinforcing effort and providing recognition, students believe they can succeed. These strate gies all provide students with the belief that they can positively affect their educationShe also uses various strategies to promote thinking and learning in the classroom. She uses cooperative learning, uses effective questioning and graphic organizers. She uses team building exercises and forms a base classify, in which they learn and work together for the semester.In reading the Capacity Building Monograph in Asking Effective Questions in Mathematics in showed how you can sort Learning to becoming something you get for a petty time to permananence and building a deeper understanding. In Ms. Hastings class, the 8 tips provided in this monograph are great strategies existence used in Ms. Hastings class. One of the most important influences in student achievement is the relationship between teacher and students (Hattlie, 2009). By Ms. Hastings telling success stories this provides encouragement to her students.Ms. Hastings class is preparing her students with the skills of the twenty-first Century Learner. She is doing this by helping her students set personal learning goals, self-assessment for understanding, therefore, making learning permanent, accessing tools and resources for enhancing their understanding and using their learning in rich meaningful tasks in real-world contexts. These students will learn problem- solve, critical thinking and using their prior knowledge and skills to apply them to new situations.Two challenges face up by adolescents is the belief they are not good at math, therefore, find it challenging and are less engaged in math class. The second challenge is to make math learning become permanent through student engagement. This way of life using Instructional Strategies to ensure students are engaged in their own learning and self-assessment.One of the challenges faced by adolescents is the belief they are not good at math. This may be imparted by their parents belief they were not good at mathematics and do not ask more from t heir children. in that respect needs to be a shift from this belief from all adults involved. They must recognize and affirm the richness of numeral literacy for all. In the Ministrys Numeracy Report (2004), students need the ability to deal with thefundamental notions of number and change in order to make sense of mathematical information presented in everyday contexts (Paulos, 1988, pg.). Mathematical literacy in important for both employment and post-secondary admissions. Therefore, as teachers, we need to take advantage of the abundant opportunities for fostering mathematical literacy across the curriculum. As with Ms. Hastings, has a strong belief in the Growth Mindset by setting high expectations and showing student they can learn as opposed to the belief of either you are good at math or not.Teacher shows students how they can succeed and achieve through application and experience. Their words and actions make it clear that the past does not dictate the future. If a teache r promotes the growth mind-set, they can focus students on self-development, self-motivation and responsibility and help them develop the mental determination to continue to improve. She clearly sets objectives and provides feedback to her students to help them progress. By reinforcing effort and providing recognition, students believe they can succeed. These strategies all provide students with the belief that they can positively affect their learningShe also uses various strategies to promote thinking and learning in the classroom. She uses cooperative learning, uses effective questioning and graphic organizers. She uses teambuilding exercises and forms a base group, in which they learn and work together for the semester.The second challenge faced by adolescent if to ensure their learning has permanence. This is done through strong abstract foundations in math and ample opportunities for students to demonstrate their knowledge. I also believe that as teachers we need to use effec tive instructional strategies to emphasize student ability to think, use problem-solving skills and build on prior knowledge. Ms. Hastings uses various strategies to promote thinking and learning in the classroom. She uses cooperative learning, uses effective questioning and graphic organizers. She uses team building exercises and forms a base group, in which they learn and work together for the semester.In reading the Capacity Building Monograph in Asking Effective Questions in Mathematics in showed how you can change Learning to becoming something you get for a short time to permanence and building a deeper understanding. In Ms. Hastings class, the 8 tips provided in this monograph are great strategies being used in Ms. Hastings class. One of the most important influences in student achievement is the relationship between teacher and students (Hattlie, 2009). By Ms. Hastings telling success stories this provides encouragement to her students.Ms. Hastings class is preparing her stu dents with the skills of the 21st Century Learner. She is doing this by helping her students set personal learning goals, self-assessment for understanding, therefore, making learning permanent, accessing tools and resources for enhancing their understanding and using their learning in rich meaningful tasks in real-world contexts. These students will learn problem-solving, critical thinking and using their prior knowledge and skills to apply them to new situations. To be able to prepare our students as 21st Century Learners, we need to amplify our math competence through professional learning to be more effective.The Expert Panels Report on Student Success in Ontario Mathematical Literacy, Grades 7-12 (May 2004) looked at at-risk mathematical learners and came up with a number of themesEffective teaching and learning begins with the needs to the adolescent learners and have a good understanding of their development stages refer the learning in math to the lives of the students (ha ving rich meaningful tasks that connect to real-life contexts) Ensuring they have a strong conceptual foundations to be able to apply their knowledge and continue their learning Instructional learning strategies empahisize problem solving and building and ones own understandings To improve students performance, teachers need to link instruction more closely to assessmentMore professional learning opportunities for teachers to strengthen their competence in math Technology to swan learning and have more accessibility to students who are struggling in math Also tautologic support forat risk students to close the gap Strong leadership and strong planning to grow an effective learning environment in which all the needs of the students are met and success is promoted.2. Changing humor Transforming Classroom Culture Dan Myer Inquiry Based LearningBeing interest in students thinkingHow my teachers see them in a sincere way and shed the idea of controlling the process Bring the studen t who are not strong in the foundationsGains in achievement multimedia helped students who are identified at risk or LD Teach as we are taught, memorization, calculations, learning formulas, doing math and debriefM.J. Hobbs Senior P.S. DI 7-8 differentiate Instruction and problem solving by group readiness Individual Accountability in group workCreate a positive work environmentGroup work looks like, sounds like vertebral column charts with clear understanding of expectations Participate in work that is engaging and challengingCentennial S.S. HPEDSB Differentiating Instruction lowly Think-Pair-ShareMathematical QuestionsJustify using mathematical vocabularyLearning Centres give students choice, work collaboratively and related to work force on materials and manipulatives based on their strengths (observe the kids first to see how they are learning Use the entry horizontal surface depending on their strengths and how they learn to work towards the curriculum expectations Use of different strategies and connect using different kernel to demonstrate their learning Data given for Problem SolvingExit cards to demonstrate learning in a differentiated environment to take responsibility on teaching the students how they learn DI planning for kids based on grouping on kids strengths and needs.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Data Protection Act Essay Example for Free

Data Protection Act EssayEvaluate ways in which concerns about poor practice shtup be reported whilst ensuring whistle blowers and those who practice or deportment being questioned ar protected. The whistle blowing policy states that it is committed to openness, probity and accountability. The policy ease offs a voice to employees and others who suck in concerns about malpractice or feel that someone is not doing their job in domesticate. In policies provide suffice and support if a share of staff for others need to speak up and feel that they are been supported. The school depart take any concerns seriously and deal with them following procedures. The purpose of the policy is to make population feel that they are someone to talk to voice their concerns. How to raise the concern, you need to speak to a member of the SLT or write to the chair the governors. You will get a response within five running(a) days. You will be asked to attend a meeting to voice your concerns and discuss them, they ask you write the line of work down and give the names dates and places.After the meeting within 10 days you will bugger off a letter of your concern has been received and it outlined the issues and so tell you how they will deal with the count if needed. If the SLT or chair a governor decides that an probe is needed they will advise local authority, procedures for safeguarding of children will be followed. The investigation will not be carried out by anyone in your line management.If an investigation is carried out you will be informed of what is happening. The information that will be given to you may not be all the data involved because of the data protection act. If there is an anonymous allegation it can often be difficult to investigate it is better to raise concern in person. Anonymous allegations are investigated if the issue is a serious, the credibility of the allegation, being able to confirm the allegation (enough evidence).How the school tree s whistleblowers. If you make an allegations in good faith no action will be taken against you if you make malicious allegations then disciplinary action can be taken against you. Disciplinary action can also be taken against other members of staff who try and stop employees raising concerns. Anybody who raises a concern has the opportunity to give feedback about any problems that you may have received this is so employees who raise a concern in good faith does not suffer.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Civil Disobedience Essay Example for Free

Civil Disobedience EssayCivil Disobedience is the human action of disobeying authority but in a legal and accomplishedized manner. It was introduced by writer Henry David Thoreau in his work named Civil Disobedience. This legal and orderly method of rebelling is lots used in hope that a change will be made such as an unjust law. Many spate often wonder whether Civil Disobedience still holds true in the day and age. Everyday civil noncompliance is used.Whether it is aginst the governmentBack in the late 1950s and throughout the 1960s, many civil rights loss leaders and other men and women, one-year-old old have demonstrated notable acts of Civil Disobedience, which have changed many unjust laws and treatment. For example, during the 1950s and 60s, blacks were not allowed to sit in the front of the bus just because they were black. A woman named Rosa Parks saying this rule as unjust and unfair to African Americans. One day she decided to rebel against this law, so she rema ined in the front of the bus.She was asked to remove herself and move in the back and she refused. By civilly rebelling, she was arrested and put in jail for courage to stand up against the discrimination. Now today, it doesnt matter where blacks sit on a bus. Her act of civil noncompliance has diminished bus laws against blacks and other discriminative laws towards African Americans. Many people may say that now in this day and age, if the media believes that a certain law is just, civil disobedience will not work.This assertion sounds very convincing, but just because it is in the media, doesnt make it just. In newspapers and throughout the most of the south, you saw nothing but African American discrimination. Martin Luther King and the rest of the civil right activists stood up to this in a civilized manner and now you dont fall upon that anymore. Even in recent news, look at what was going on Egypt. Citizens were fighting against their tyrannical leader and he was overthrown. So the media cant stop people from feeling a certain federal agency no matter who advertises it. Civil disobedience has been used all over the world for many divers(prenominal) reasons and by many different people, ranging from Gandhi in India to Martin Luther King Jr in the United States. With that being said, we should all meet that Thoreaus theory of civil disobedience still holds true today. Without the theory of civil disobedience, where would we all be? How would anything progress?

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The Applicability of the Porter Diamonds Framework Essay Example for Free

The Applicability of the Porter Diamonds Framework hearThe car industry contributes for 40% of German exports. Germany is the third world car producer and approximately 6 million cars are produced every year. Among these firms are the luxury firms much(prenominal) as BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and Audi. Lets consider, scratch of all, the factors conditions in relation to the car industry.These factors express the Nations present in factors of production such as unskilled labor, skilled labor, infrastructure, natural resources * The industries are based on a high expert region, in the center of a z bingle of economic development. * Germany has always considered very important the transmission of scientific and technical knowledge from the mid XIX century, a huge net of technical cultivates has been created (the Gewerbeschulen).Those schools became later engineers school and technical universities. Today, Germany sustain this effort in favor of a knowledge society by winning me asures such as the Exzellenzinitiative which is backed by Angela Merkel and allocate 1,9 billions in order to maintain German research among the top 3 in the world. This initiative wishes also to sustain the creation of clusters. * In Germany, approximately one job out of seven is linked (directly or indirectly) to the car industry.The labor is very skilled. * Germanys position is also an advantage the country is in the heart of Europe and shares borders with many countries. * The tran sportsman infrastructure is optimum (railway, important harbors, road infrastructure) The Demand conditions are another factor of the Porters ball field * The topical anaesthetic consumer is demanding quality is very important * Huge population.* The wage level is high among the population* gain of revenue levels in emerging countries. The demand abroad is high. The Related and supporting industries (clusters of industries) factors * battlefront of competitive suppliers* Presence of clusters (and government incentives in order to develop them) * Presence of a labor market that develops specific skills relevant for the cluster Firm strategy, structure and rivalry factors* The four luxury brands are based in the very(prenominal) region. Therefore there is a strong competitiveness among them. However, each brand has a specific positioning. * The local context favors investments and constant improvements. Government* There are no speed limits in Germany therefore sport cars can be used to their full potential. * Incentives to sustain scientific development and the creation of clusters. 1 . http//fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%89conomie_de_l%27Allemagne.

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Every Text Has Its Use By Date Essay Example for Free

Every schoolbook edition Has Its Use By Date EssayI think the idea of every text having a use by escort is incorrect and I will therefore argue against the topic. There be a few things which cease help to keep texts from ever having their use by date and as a result proving my argument. For example, texts, such as Macbeth, can of all time be changed slightly and interpreted differently to make them raiseing time and time again, for old and new audiences. Also, just because a text was scripted a long period of time ago doesnt inculpate that it still wont be interesting, as the events and themes in it can still be relevant to the current time and its happenings. One of the main cogitates that proves that texts dont pay back a use by date is the fact that an older text can involve events or ideas that ar relevant to modern audiences daily lives. Some of the ideas explored in Macbeth are dreaming, guilt, greed, cruelty, hostilities between good and evil, the ordinance o f leader, the purpose of human existence and supernatural happenings. These all tie in with peoples every day life. For example, ambition was a major factor in Macbeth and plays an important role in practically everyones daily life.In Macbeth it was ambition that drove Macbeth to commit the acts that he did and in modern times business is becoming to a greater extent and more(prenominal) competitive in todays society so as a result ambition, and its destructive nature, becomes more of an issue. Also, the idea of hostilities between good and evil, order and disorder and the rule of a leader, which are major components of Macbeth, are relevant to the military action in the Iraq War which has affected a lot of the world. These and other ideas interest people from all time periods as some, if non all, of these ideas will affect them.Another main reason that shows a text doesnt eat up a use by date is the fact that they can always be appropriated. Appropriation is when something old i s turned into something new. In this case it would be taking an old text and changing it to suit a modern audience, usually by making a film version. For example, in one instance the Shakespearean text Romeo and Juliet was turned into a movie that used only the spell of the original text and used the settings of modern life and a modern script which allowed the audience to tinct to more to the film.This is a perfect example of the fact that a text which is hundreds of age old can still be entertaining. When a movie is appropriated it can appeal to a wider audience, as not everyone likes or envisions the bolt of writing used to write the original text. If texts are appropriated in this way they will plow to entertain audiences and as a result, never end up having a use by date. A film version of an older text, especially a Shakespearean one, can be very in force(p) in delivering the original to text to a wider audience.A film version makes the text easier for the audience to u nderstand as it provides visual images to help them realize whats actually going on and what the characters are saying, as a lot of people wouldnt fully understand what was being said when the old English style of writing, that Shakespeare uses, is used. innovative interpretations also help to keep texts and their film versions interesting to new audiences and audiences that have seen it before. In Polanskis version of Macbeth Polanski obstinate to add a scene, which wasnt in the original text, into the movie.He also changed the way things happened in some of the scenes, for example, when Macbeth returns to the witches, kind of of the apparitions appearing he sees completely different visions that give him warnings and predictions. Another reason to further show that texts dont have a use by date is the point that just because a text is old doesnt mean its not entertaining or interesting to modern readers. Texts such as Macbeth and many other of Shakespeares plays are still regar ded as some of the best plays ever written even though they were written hundreds of years ago.In some cases, audiences may find these texts interesting and entertaining because theyre written in an old style of English which is no longer used. When this is the case it clearly shows that the idea of texts having a use by date as incorrect. In conclusion, I think that the points presented sufficiently prove that well written texts do not have a use by date. If a text is well written it will march on to be valued no matter how old it is. Especially due to the fact that, just because a text is old doesnt mean its no longer interesting to modern audiences.

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Health and Social Care Essay Example for Free

Health and Social Care EssayEvery genius is innate(p) into this world by the natural selection of the parents, no one asked for it. And so we completely abide no choice into which country we are born, who our parents are, what sex we are, and the colour of our skin. But completely of these factors combined give us our culture. It gulls us who we are. As we grow older our parents or peers instil us with a compulsive of beliefs, moral and social, and this stays with us up to the age where we are up to(p) to think and act independently. Then we are able to change these beliefs to that of our own. This then every last(predicate)ows us to have a set of preferences for the way we live our life. What happened in our bypast we open firenot change, and it is from our past that gives us our heritage. Who we are and where we came from. All of these beliefs, culture and heritage are personal to us, make us who we are, they are an everyday important tool in the way we live our liv es. Though they are not defined We can change and we must change in certain environments.Read more than formulate why it is important to work in partnership with othersessayOne being the workplace. It is of utmost splendor at work that a standard set of rules and beliefs are adhered to, no matter what your culture or heritage. This is to ensure either told people are look ated fairly and the rules and beliefs are usually along the corresponding lines e.g. treating all people fairly, respect one another etc. In the work place we have colleagues and residents and visitors who all deserve the corresponding amount of dignity and respect and all have the right to go about their business without being influenced on their beliefs by a single other person. By all sticking to the same set of standards and beliefs we can ensure a fair service is provided to all.However does this destine that when we are in the workplace we can forget our own identities and that of others? No. It mean s that we have a common set of values that we will all abide by in order to treat all people fairly. For example not treating male residents any different to female residents, offering them the same opportunities. But we must also understand very clearly that each respective(prenominal) has their own set of beliefs, culture and heritage and that we must not discriminate base on this. What we can do is call for to understand this. Embrace it and promote it. It is very easy to believe that our own way of doing thing is lay and anyone different is wrong or inferior. This is due to a lack of understanding of the unknown.When we start to understand more about the unknown it becomes the known and so is more acceptable to us. So by understanding and respecting the beliefs of others we can learn very much. The whole practise of understanding others and respecting there values is not only native to provide an equal and comfortable work space. It is the key tool in promoting welfare, hap piness and a finger of inclusion in our residents and staff. If we all stuck to our own beliefs we would all be alone and feel different from all others. By showing understanding and respect we can learn and respect each other and make for a happier place to be. Assignment 303In my workplace we use inclusive practise in all areas. Examples of this can be asking individuals what time they would like to be assisted to bed and not assisting all residents at a set time. It could be offering the individual a choice of clothes to fall apart and not making that choice for them. It could be asking the individual residents what they would like to eat and giving choice. non giving all residents the same meal. It can be as simple as talking with the residents and not talking over them. Asking them what they want and not asking other staff members. It could be helping the residents access the local library at their convenience and not waiting for the once weekly travel by bus. These are al l examples of how inclusive practise helps the residents contribute to the make do they receive. This is essential in promoting wellbeing and raising standards of comfort and happiness.Exclusive practise should not be accepted in the workplace. Examples of this could be having identify lounges and dining rooms for Male and Female residents. Having only activities that favour one gender. e.g. Knitting, flower arranging and control board making. And not having an activity that would suit a male resident. It could be only celebrating Christmas in the Christian schedule and not considering those who are of another faith and allowing them to celebrate their own festival too. It could be only providing one option at meal times and not considering those who have another taste. It could be waking all residents up at the same time in order to get your jobscomplete and not respecting the individuals right to choose when they want to wake up. All of these practises hinder the progress of g ood care and will prevent the individual having a high sense of wellbeing.

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Unethical Business Research Essay Example for Free

wrong Business Research EssayResearch is important in any business to interpret info being collected to improve or make new discoveries. The article read was about Dr. accost Suk Hwang who used unethical look for to enhance his career in the world of science. Hwang hurt everyone who was involved in his work. Leading lot to believe that his research was real(a) he provided false hope into his new discoveries. act to figure out why he would want to ruin his career and how this could fool been avoided is important to why he used fabricated research. Looking into the unethical decisions made by Dr. Woo Suk Hwang will sustain people see what could be possible consequences for development false results in research material. Dr. Woo Suk Hwang, a professor of theriogenology and biotechnology at Seoul National University (SNU), began his work in 1999 when he told how he could ringer an animal (Logan, Park, amp Jeon, 2010). People began to treat Hwang like a hero after publishin g devil papers about stem cells in 2004 and 2005 in Science and later a paper in Nature where it was talking of how he cloned the first dog (Logan, Park, amp Jeon, 2010).In late December 2005, Hwang was open to have falsified data by an internal probe at SNU (Logan, Park, amp Jeon, 2010). SNU relieve oneselfed a gameboard to investigate the charges and within about four weeks they compiled a fifty page report (Kukak, 2009). The results of SNUs investigation released in late December 2005 which was followed by the withdrawal of Hwangs work by Science in January 2006 and Hwangs acknowledgement of scientific fraud in March 2006 (Logan, Park, amp Jeon, 2010).While conducting his research Hwang falsified his results by not citing accurate results and not providing the participants with breeding on the serious risks of clump donation. South Koreans National Board of Bio morals indicated that not all the donors received in souration on the serious health risks of egg donation, adve rtisemore, sixteen donors required treatment for effects from the procedure( Kukak, 2009). By not providing people accurate risks Hwang failed to protect his research participants. Hwang also falsified the papers in Science which were illed with false research that has never been accurately recorded. This could lead to people going off research that had never been tried and cause harm to new researchers. Hwang hurt some(prenominal) people by the inappropriate research that was acquired. Before the results of SNUs results of the internal investigation Hwang was considered to be Koreas most important scientist (Logan, Park, amp Jeon, 2010). When it was uncovered to be false data and that the research was not real it hurt everyone who believed in him.This helped the community to see that further actions needed to be taken to see that this could no longer negatively impact the entire scientific community. The society saw that wanting to push further in stem cell research was important but making up false information was not the way intended to achieve this important landmark. The first reactions to the scandal focused on the cuticle the detrimental effects on public trust toward science and stem cell research, the economic remediation in the fields funding, the loss in the market value of the biotech industry, and also the negative effects on the policy debate (Kakuk, 2009).The unethical behavior committed by Hwang has caused scientific magazines and the press to be careful when publishing information for their articles (Kakuk, 2009). After the scandal the journal decided to establish an independent control panel to evaluate the publication process (Kakuk, 2009). Dr. Hwang was affected by having his papers editorially retracted form the ledger after the huge amount of fabricated data was found (Kakuk, 2009). Hwang later admitted to various deceptions and was fired form the university on March 20, 2006 (Kakuk, 2009).The society was also negatively impacted be cause now further movement in this field may not be researched. This in turn can take away form the funding and jobs that might of developed upon successful results of the correctly gathered data. Unethical behavior used by Hwang could have been avoided by correctly reporting the gathered data. This case helped to highlight a need for internationally accepted guidelines for the conduct of research (Kakuk, 2009). If Hwang would have valued his coworkers and his own abilities as a scientist this case would have failed to exist.Hwang became pushed by the society to produce results and ended up letting everyone down. Trying to please others led to the poke of Hwangs job and the respect of his believers. Dr. Hwangs case signaled how unethical research can lead to the carrier bag of your livelihood and career. A highly talented individual is now living a life of what ethics can do when you decide to abuse them. Looking at his research people were amazed to light upon what was being ac complished and saw him as a hero. Shortly after Hwang was dishonored and made to show the consequences of not using strong ethics to make positive decisions.Hwang affected his coworkers, scientists, and his society by using governmental funding to create false data that people used before the realization that what they scene to be true was only determined to be a lie.