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A Character Analysis of Josephine Alibrandi, From "Looking for Alibrandi" by Melina Marchetta

At the start of Looking for Alibrandi, by Melina Marchetta we be introduced to a seventeen social class old girl by the create of Josephine Josie Alibrandi, who is in her stomach year of high school. By the terminus of the loudness it is made obvious that Josephine has gone by means of whiley big and authorised change overs, including achieving her license, discovering her family secret, accepting her finishing, and concourse, and having a each(prenominal)iance with her baffle, Michael Andretti. All of these changes, and others, avow step forward to shape the character of Josephine Alibrandi. Throughout the year, Josephine negotiation of wanting to achieve her indep fetch upence. Ill guide on one day. running game for my bread and butter. To be kick and trust for myself. non as an Australian and non as an Italian and not as an in-between. Ill run to be change state. (pg40). Josie besides wants to be free to make her bear decisions, and she doe snt want to c atomic number 18 bordering what others are saying, like she does now. At the same date, she realises that she cant flight of steps e precisething. If my society go forth let me. (pg40). Josie thinks that break of her emancipation is to be free of her Italian linchpinground, which is not possible, because it go external eer be a cleave of her. She believes that it may damp her from achieving her emancipation. Soon Josie realised that the further thing that was tenia her emancipation was herself. Relief because I was at last reference to riffle free. From whom? Myself, I think. (pg221). Josie realises that she is imbibeing herself back from what she really wants, exclusively she isnt certain whether she wants to involvement for it or not. When rear Barton died, she came to a decision. I remembered when we babble approximately achieving our emancipation. The horror is that he had to die to achieve his. The mantrap is that Im liv ing to achieve mine. (pg240). Josie believe! s in struggleing for her emancipation. By the end of the year, Josie realises that she has already achieved her emancipation. I retributive sat there persuasion back over the year and I realised that I was emancipated long ago. It wasnt at one bulgeicular bloom either, it was at several. (pg258). At the Walk-a-thon, for example, Josie realised that leaving the walk-a-thon to go with her friends was wrong. I was wrong, I purpose to myself. I honestly believed it. Not because infant Louise told me so or because she made me believe I was. I knew fertile down that I was wrong and I think that my emancipation began at that moment. (pg185). Events such as these lead to her emancipation, permit Josie heart free. At the beginning of the year Josie doesnt reserve a good relationship with her Nonna, Katia. As the year goes on, they hold up closer, and it is through this closeness that Josie learns of Katias secret, that her mothers biological father is not her Nonno Fra ncesco, except is in fact, Marcus Sandford, an Australian man that Katia was friends with. Josie first learns of Marcus after having a fight with her mother Christina. She afterward(prenominal) finds out that he was an Australian policeman who helped Katia during the war. Katias sister Patrizia was very thankful towards him for his help, but Josie could tell that Katia thought of him as oft than another pair of hands. At Christinas birthday troupe Josie realises that it was impossible for Francesco to be Christinas father, because he was away for the holidays. Josie then has an business with Katia about this, and runs out of the house. Im not quite sure why I abhor Marcus Sandford and Nonna for what they did. I had thought their story was romantic. I had thought that cryptograph had happened. It was like he was a myth I could ever dream about. My mother, though, is the reality. Her reality was living with a man who detested her for almostwhatthing her mother did. (pg218). After realising that she was no all-! night angry at Katia, Josie goes to talk to her, and appreciates that staying with Francesco, instead of spillage with Marcus, was only for Christinas benefit, not her own. Those historic period without Christina or you when you were a scotch were my punishment. (pg226). Josie takes the pain Katia went through, and knows that Katia fares her, and Christina, more(prenominal)(prenominal) than anything else. Josie has always run inton her Italian cultivation and heritage as a burden, but as the year progresses, she gains a smashinger understanding of it, and last accepts that its part in her life. From the beginning of the year, and perhaps before then, Josie thinks of her elaboration as nearthing that give hold her back from being what she wants to be, and doing what she wants to do. She also see to its it as the thing that keeps her from being like the others at her school. I think if it comes down to the interpenetrate line, no progeny how pert I am, or h ow much I achieve, I am always going to be a little heathenish from Glebe as cold as these the great unwashed are concerned. (pg167). She later realises that she can never ticktock away from it. ...simply because like religion, culture is nailed into you, so deep you cant escape it. No payoff how furthest you run. (pg175). Josie knows that her culture is a part of her being, it plays a part as to her appearance, and how she looks at life. As she spends more time learning and understanding her family, in particular Katia, she sees her culture not as a burden, but as a gift, something that sets her apart from everyone else. She gains an understanding that her culture is just one of Australias umpteen. Well, Im not sure whether everyone in this country will ever understand multiculturalism and that saddens me, because its as much a part of Australian life as football and meat pies. (pg258). She knows that some people will never accept her, and shes okay with that. I didn t care what they thought and I even began to doubt th! at anyone, bequeath or take a few gossips like Sera, gave a tinkers damn either. I thought of Michael and my mother, who didnt seem to worry about peoples opinions. And by the looks of things, Nonna didnt have the right to. Jacob didnt give a damn who I was either, John accepted me the way I was and lee side and Anna had never made me feel different. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
So that covered all the important people and Id be a pretentious pseudo if others were more important to me than those who loved me. (pg220). Josie knows that culture will change peoples minds about her, but as long as it doesnt matter to the people she loves, then it do esnt matter to her either. Josie experiences an unusual thing in her year, meeting her father Michael Andretti for the first time, and having a relationship with him. She has know about him all of her life, and at first, when he moves to Sydney, she doesnt want anything to do with him. When she last meets him at Katias she becomes emotionally overwhelmed, and cant face him. After a fight with Carly Bishop, resulting in a broken nose, Josie discrete to bode him. As much as Josie would like to keep on ignoring him, she demand his help. My father is a barrister. Ill call him, I express sedately. (pg84). When he comes and helps her, she accepts him as her father. Soon after that, Michael decided that he would like to know Josie, and they begin a relationship. As time goes on, Josie and Michael get closer, and they go away together to Adelaide. During this time, the dickens get closer. Im still shocked by how fast things are going between us. Six months ago I hadnt met m y father and I didnt want to. These days I see him l! ead time a week and the days I dont see him he rings me. Somehow weve developed a great relationship. (pg156). around the end of the year Josie finds out that Michael is staying in Sydney, and Josie is ecstatic, and spends more and more time with him, even going as far as calling him Dad But I love Michael Andretti more and more every day. I love him forked to what I did maybe a month ago, yet I see his faults now too. (pg259). Although Josie started the year not knowing her father, Michael Andretti substantially move into the role, providing Josie with a complete, loving family. Throughout the year Josie went through many an(prenominal) changes and developments, caused by important events in her life. Some things happened that she expected, like her emancipation, and some things that happened that she didnt really expect, like accepting her culture. Josie got something she didnt want, her family secret, but got something better, her relationship with her dad. Josie in conclusion realised exactly who she was, and understands where she fits into the lives around her. Ive figured out that it doesnt matter whether Im Josephine Andretti who was never an Alibrandi, who should have been a Sandford and who may never be a Coote. It matters who I feel like I am - and I feel like Michael and Christinas daughter and Katias granddaughter; Sera, Anna and Lees friend and Roberts cousin. You know, a wonderful thing happened to me when I reflected back on my year. One day came. Because last I understood. (pg260). If you want to get a full essay, nightspot it on our website:

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