Monday, February 3, 2014

Joseph And Psalms 23

idol of the Old Testament is often interpreted as one of wrath and justice. Conversely, humannessy textual matters of the Old Testament steer a loving God, a God that guides his loyal pursual through adversity, preparing and using them to accomplish awe-inspiring tasks. Among Gods vessels were Joseph and superpower David, the writer of Psalm 23. The biblical story of Joseph relates the effortful jaunt of a puppylike, spoiled boy who through Gods guidance becomes the second intimately powerful man in Egypt, and Psalm 23, one of King Davids most general poems, is symbolic of Davids own experiences with Gods direction. However, era the texts discuss very different circumstances, Davids text is relatable to Josephs own story; both are somewhat rely in Gods plan and believe in the protection and guidance that he provides. As a young teenager, Joseph was an enviable young man who seemed to have everything occurrence in his favor. Because he was the youngest son of his founding father, Israel, he was loved more than than all told the other children. He even received finicky gifts from his father to show that he was his favorite son. One of the biggest gifts apt(p) to Joseph was his coat of umpteen colors. At this point in Josephs life it would seem as if God was allowing him to lie vanquish in kB pastures and lay beside still waters (Psalm 23; p. 94). As these long time went on, He began to experience an assortment of dreams. later having these dreams, he began to assert his father and his cronys of the details in all(prenominal) dream. Hearing these dreams began to stir abomination and jealousy in his brothers thoughts. Consequently, they began to plot against Josephs life because they simply could non endure it any(prenominal) more. After conspiring with all(prenominal) other, Josephs brothers pair to sell him into slavery so that they would non have to confront his near perfect image any longer. They the n dumped him in a pit in the sweet and sold ! him to the Ishmeelites for 20 pieces of silver (Genesis 37;p. 67). The pit...If you want to foil a teeming essay, order it on our website:

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