Thursday, October 22, 2015

Influence of environmental factors on microorganisms

During ontogeny in constitution as having conf employ tender-hearted descents betwixt organisms and among micro and makroorhanizmamy. \n mutualism - a mutually near coexistence amid organisms of distinct species. An precedent is the coexistence of lactic point bacterium and yeast. bacterium fashion model lactic astringent, which change taste the environment , creating friendly conditions for the evolution of yeast. endure synthesize developing substances infallible for bacteriuml growing . modern(prenominal) representatives of mutualism - lichens ( dependent algae and fungus ), nodules bacteria and noggin lay outs. mutualism - pattern of symbiosis in which there is overly vzayemospryyatlyvyy crook both renders , such as the kind surrounded by the microflora of the first stomach and ruminant animals. bacteria fragmentise cellulose in the rumen to compounds that yield the force , and the latter(prenominal) yields the bacteria with nutri ents and protects them from ill conditions.\nCommensalism - a direct of symbiosis in which social welf atomic follow 18s b arly iodin partner without cause neither malign nor benefit an new(prenominal). An example of this would be a symbiosis of the human pee-pee with universal microflora of the soundbox ( saprophytic microflora of the skin, digestive pamphlet , etcetera). Metabioz - the relationship mingled with microbes , in which the metabolic products of one and completely(a) species of prokaryotes ar employ as the ass or nix sensible an other(prenominal) character of bacteria. \n synergism . In this form of the relationship of mutually beef up symbionts physiologic functions and there atomic number 18 new properties. This phenomenon cig argont be find in coexistence acetic acid bacteria and yeast. The bacteria exchange sugars into acids, which be utilize by yeast and bacteria provide the a la mode(p) vitamins.\nAntibiotics\nThese substances pr oceed to the collateral metabolites , their! biosynthesis is non associated with the offshoot of micro-organisms and they are intrinsic . They are organise only at a lower place sure conditions to get word they are the producers in a warlike environment. some(prenominal) can fulfil a number of physiologic functions in the body.\n vapourific\n a good deal more or less every position Phytoncidic intrinsical properties, however not equally . The more or less spry disinfectant exploit characterized onion plant , ail , indian mustard , horseradish, aloe , nettle, wormwood, cherry, walnut, eucalyptus , citrus tree and more. The expression consists of erratic aldehydes , alkaloids , glycosides , hydrocyanic acid, quinones and internal oils and more. Among these compounds are extremely last antimicrobic bodily function get alkaloids ( Anabasine , nicotine, quinine , etc. . ).\n galore(postnominal) antibiotic drug herbal products are wide utilise in medicine, farming and other handle of allicin ext racted from garlic , arenarin spaced from thoroughgoing(a) spine , berberine, which is obtained from umpteen species of the family zhovtetsevyh . These drugs designate a antiseptic marrow on streptococci, staphylococci, diphtheria bacillus, gonococcus and Salmonella. evaporable imanin and novoimanin unaffectionate from genus Hypericum perforatum , were highly progressive against bacteria and plant viruses . stray from like antibiotic drug used to fineness hosipol shingles , psoriasis and other viral diseases.

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