Saturday, April 20, 2019

Biofuels Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Biofuels - Essay ExampleThis paper examines cons associated with biofuel production as well as their getting even views. Advantages of biofuels As earlier noted, biofuel is produced from rude work outs, especially corn. This means biofuel has generated a market that competes with the food market for crop harvest. Recent studies aim shown that the increase dependence on this type of fuel has led to a bound in the demand for food crops in the energy market. Farmers are motivated to channel their crops there repayable to high market prices for their produce. This has in turn has led to a decrease in supply of agricultural products in the food market. In effect, low supply of food commodities in the food market has translated to increased global food prices (Bruce et al, 2010). According to FAPRI (2009), biofuel production has also encouraged farmers to limit their production of other crops and focus on on corn. This has led to the reduction in the supply of other types of crops h ence an increase in their prices. extensive corn production has also encouraged extensive land use and potential encroachment into demented habitats, forests, and swampy areas. This threatens the potential of the land to sustain future generations, especially encroachment to wetlands. Bruce et al (2010) states that during biofuel production, a clustering of energy is used making the project uneconomical. In some cases, the energy used is more than what is produced. For others standardised ethanol, 1 unit of energy produces 1.5 units of ethanol. It should also be noted that biofuel are produced from biomass. This is renewable and degradable hence it allow for have cumulative long-term negative effects on the future generations. A study on biodiesel utilization has revealed that there is an increase in NOx in biodiesel emissions. This means, it has not served to mitigate the effects of fogy fuels upon the environment. Counter views Concerning the contribution of biofuel to increa sed global food prices, biofuel cannot be totally be blamed for it. This is because such a project can only be undertaken by a country after a thorough assessment of its ability to feed its people and the availability of excess for biofuel production. Currently, there are replete farms to grow crops that support this project. Countries which produce biofuel like the US and Brazil have significantly increased their corn, sugar cane and vegetable oil production. Farmers plant this crops knowing they are meant for two markets. In some cases, they even have a surplus of these commodities at the end of the year. According to Colitt (2008), improved economic condition leading to cleanse feeding can be blamed for the rise in food prices. Though it may be said that biofuel production is uneconomical due to its input verses output, the situation has changed over the past couple of years. in that respect have been significant improvements in technology

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