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Experience branding Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Experience branding - Essay ExampleIn this section, Bondi stick will be described. muchover, the demographical information regarding the community will likewise be described. Such information is precious to the development of the brand since the deal in the community are the primary consumers who have the easiest access to the store.Bondi articulation is peerless of the suburban areas located in the eastern section of Sydney. The said locality is found 6 km east of Sydneys central business district. The governing body in Bondi stick is the Waverley Council. The area cover by Bondi Junction is quite small at 0.8 sq. km. However, it has outgrown its size and has greatly developed.Bondi Junction is easily ready to hand(predicate) by public transport as there are several means of mass transferral that travels to and fro the said area. The Eastern Suburbs railway, part of the CityRail system, passes thru and stops at the Bondi Junction station. Above the said station is a bus ter minal wherein buses that travel to various locations are found. (Bondi Junction, 2006)Due to continuous and fast-paced developments, Bondi Junction has emerged as the fifth largest business district in Sydney. Moreover, Bondi Junction is home to several strip-mall types of developments. Also, several shop centres are located in the area. However, the most prominent of these shop centres is the Westfield Bondi Junction which is considered as one of the largest shopping malls in Sydney. (Bondi Junction, 2006) The said shopping complex is the proposed location for the jewellery store under formulation and development.The PeopleThe population in Bondi Junction as of 2001 is 6,299. The population at the said time was emergence at a rate of 2.2%. thither are more women than men that reside in Bondi Junction. harmonise to The Public Practice Pty Ltd (2001), women in Bondi Junction outnumber men by a ratio of 104 to 100. More significantly, majority of Bondi Junction residents are in thei r apex working age with 52% of the population go in the 25-54 age range. The second biggest demographic group is 55-74 age group, which makes up 14% of the population. The people in Bondi Junction are very family oriented with majority of the population living in families. Most people reside in 4 or more storey buildings. Others lived in townhouses, walk-up flats/units, or class houses. Moreover, most of these houses are private rentals. (The Public Practice Pty Ltd, 2001)The working population in Bondi Junction gain an average of $780 a week. However, the average weekly wage for men was greater than that of women. The men and women in the prime working age (25-54) had the highest weekly average at $1,090 and $890 respectively. (The Public Practice Pty Ltd, 2001)The Sydney Retail Market fit to Foster (2005), Australians have a high living standard and make beautiful houses, clothes, cars, yachts, food, wine and women. Sydney is one area which demonstrates such traits. Being one o f the foremost locations in the whole country, Sydney will, by far, best defend the culture and lifestyle of Australians.Foster stated that Australians have a unique way of life. He said, This lifestyle is shaped by its geographical remoteness and the ways by which it became a European outpost in the 18th and 19th centuries. (Foster, 2005) Basically, the culture in Sydney is an integration of the various cultures and peoples that have chosen Sydney and Australia as their home. There is much cultural diversity in

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