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Health and Social Care Essay Example for Free

Health and Social Care EssayEvery genius is innate(p) into this world by the natural selection of the parents, no one asked for it. And so we completely abide no choice into which country we are born, who our parents are, what sex we are, and the colour of our skin. But completely of these factors combined give us our culture. It gulls us who we are. As we grow older our parents or peers instil us with a compulsive of beliefs, moral and social, and this stays with us up to the age where we are up to(p) to think and act independently. Then we are able to change these beliefs to that of our own. This then every last(predicate)ows us to have a set of preferences for the way we live our life. What happened in our bypast we open firenot change, and it is from our past that gives us our heritage. Who we are and where we came from. All of these beliefs, culture and heritage are personal to us, make us who we are, they are an everyday important tool in the way we live our liv es. Though they are not defined We can change and we must change in certain environments.Read more than formulate why it is important to work in partnership with othersessayOne being the workplace. It is of utmost splendor at work that a standard set of rules and beliefs are adhered to, no matter what your culture or heritage. This is to ensure either told people are look ated fairly and the rules and beliefs are usually along the corresponding lines e.g. treating all people fairly, respect one another etc. In the work place we have colleagues and residents and visitors who all deserve the corresponding amount of dignity and respect and all have the right to go about their business without being influenced on their beliefs by a single other person. By all sticking to the same set of standards and beliefs we can ensure a fair service is provided to all.However does this destine that when we are in the workplace we can forget our own identities and that of others? No. It mean s that we have a common set of values that we will all abide by in order to treat all people fairly. For example not treating male residents any different to female residents, offering them the same opportunities. But we must also understand very clearly that each respective(prenominal) has their own set of beliefs, culture and heritage and that we must not discriminate base on this. What we can do is call for to understand this. Embrace it and promote it. It is very easy to believe that our own way of doing thing is lay and anyone different is wrong or inferior. This is due to a lack of understanding of the unknown.When we start to understand more about the unknown it becomes the known and so is more acceptable to us. So by understanding and respecting the beliefs of others we can learn very much. The whole practise of understanding others and respecting there values is not only native to provide an equal and comfortable work space. It is the key tool in promoting welfare, hap piness and a finger of inclusion in our residents and staff. If we all stuck to our own beliefs we would all be alone and feel different from all others. By showing understanding and respect we can learn and respect each other and make for a happier place to be. Assignment 303In my workplace we use inclusive practise in all areas. Examples of this can be asking individuals what time they would like to be assisted to bed and not assisting all residents at a set time. It could be offering the individual a choice of clothes to fall apart and not making that choice for them. It could be asking the individual residents what they would like to eat and giving choice. non giving all residents the same meal. It can be as simple as talking with the residents and not talking over them. Asking them what they want and not asking other staff members. It could be helping the residents access the local library at their convenience and not waiting for the once weekly travel by bus. These are al l examples of how inclusive practise helps the residents contribute to the make do they receive. This is essential in promoting wellbeing and raising standards of comfort and happiness.Exclusive practise should not be accepted in the workplace. Examples of this could be having identify lounges and dining rooms for Male and Female residents. Having only activities that favour one gender. e.g. Knitting, flower arranging and control board making. And not having an activity that would suit a male resident. It could be only celebrating Christmas in the Christian schedule and not considering those who are of another faith and allowing them to celebrate their own festival too. It could be only providing one option at meal times and not considering those who have another taste. It could be waking all residents up at the same time in order to get your jobscomplete and not respecting the individuals right to choose when they want to wake up. All of these practises hinder the progress of g ood care and will prevent the individual having a high sense of wellbeing.

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